It’s never fun to run alone.  At least not for me.  Maybe “fun” isn’t the correct term.  But the fact is… I tend to run a lot better when I am running with someone.  Whether it is with my wife by my side or in a group during a 5K I always seem to do better when someone is with me.  That’s one of the many reasons I found Gidget.  She’s petite, cute, quiet and doesn’t seem to talk back.  My wife certainly didn’t seem to mind when I told her about Gidget.  I’m glad she doesn’t get jealous.  I mean, look at this face…



Now I know she isn’t going to help me sprint like the wind, but I think she’ll enjoy going for a run here and there.  Maybe chase some balls in the park or something.  If not, she is still adorable enough that I am not disappointed.

Because I decided to head to the humane society today, I chose not to stick around after working out at the gym and run.  I wanted to make sure I got there before it closed because I had given in to my inner Earl.  I still did my full workout at the gym which was great.  My squats are impressing me a little bit more (though I know they still aren’t where they should be) but my bench press is slightly disappointing.

I haven’t done my One Rep Max (ORM) and I know that it truly isn’t the most important thing in the world, but I do remember doing 300 pounds a few years ago for my ORM.  This was back when I spent a lot of time in the gym and had lost quite a bit of weight.  Who knows if I can do this now.  I doubt it as I haven’t been back in the weight lifting scene for very long.  But hopefully I can get back up to where I should be.

In the NFL they do it different.  They don’t care if you can bench press a Toyota Tercel once or twice, they want to know if you can push around 200+ pound guys over and over and over.  So that is why their measurement in the NFL Combine is to see how many times you can bench press 225 pounds.  Looking back at previous results, some NFL hopefuls can only do 5 or 6 reps while others can do 20 and more.  Some crazy people like Stephen Paea can do 49 reps.  49!  That is insane.

Unfortunately I was only able to do 3 at 225.  This was after doing my reps at 210 and 220 pounds.  I know that this is no excuse, but hey… I don’t want to feel too weak.  The good thing is, I can bench as much as a few NFL hopefuls here and there.  Maybe I can beat out the punters and kickers.

But I’ll keep working at it.  I don’t expect to look like Arnold at any point in my life, nor do I expect to put up 49 reps of 225 pounds, but I am going to keep going until I can’t go no mo’!


Breakfast – 4 scrambled garlic eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Chips, protein bars
Lunch – Chicken chimichangas and quesadillas
Dinner – Chicken gyros
Dessert – Cracklin’ Oat Bran and Wheat & Barley Nuggets

31714 Weights

3 thoughts on “Day 309… My New Running Partner

  1. 😀 Gidget is lovely!
    I hope you have fun running together! I was looking at border collies who need rehoming and enjoy running but I would have to leave it at home all day while I was at work 😦

    1. Thanks!

      We have to do that, too. But fortunately our shifts with work and school stagger enough that she is not home alone long. It’s inevitable for the most part that they will be alone while people work and do their daily routine. Hopefully Gidget isn’t too paranoid.

      1. yes, that is true, some time at home alone is ok I think, if your shifts stagger enough it will be fine, but we are both out between 9 and 10 hours all day at the same time, which is too much really 😦

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