Good Old George


…and here comes pride in the backstretch…

I remember that song being done by Sawyer Brown.  I guess I should have known that it was previously done by a legend.  I’m not a huge George Jones fan, nor a country fan, but I do know a legend when I see one.

Friday was a lifting day though I avoided doing anything with my legs.  I didn’t want them to be sore or stiff for the race on Saturday.  I’m not sure what the rule-of-thumb is for lifting and running, but it made the most sense to me.  Especially just before the first race I’ve done all year.



One thing I really enjoy about weight lifting is when I can tell that I did it just right and my muscles are slightly sore.  Not the kind of sore that I always complained about before where I don’t want to move or can’t pick things up, but just a nice, achey feeling in my muscles so I know that I am doing something right.  Despite cutting out 2 main lifts I felt that after Friday.

Run for the Fallen

The race on Saturday was a great race.  It was a Run for the Fallen 5K put on to benefit the family of a police officer that was killed in a nearby town in the line of duty.  It was the perfect race to do, especially for the first race of the year.  I was glad to be part of it and help out the family and also proud of how well I did despite not really running much since November when I did the Mustache Dache.  I completed it in an unofficial time of 29:27 which isn’t too shabby.

Saturday night we went to Big River which is a musical based on Huckleberry Finn.  It was an incredibly well done musical and I quite enjoyed it.  Despite being a manly-man, I do enjoy a good musical.  Prior to the musical I had a delicious hamburger and fries along with half of an ice cream Oreo cake.

Sunday was the typical shopping and being lazy day.  We did go on a walk because the weather was beautiful, but that was the extent of the exercise.  It’s not a bad thing, though.  Gotta rest at some point and Sunday is a good day to do it.

Now if only I could get up and run in the morning…

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