Lazy Runner

Since I’ve moved to karate and weight lifting lately, I’ve sort of neglected the running.  I know I’ve been trying to get up early in the morning to run but I’ve not been committed enough to actually do it lately.

Guess that needs to change.

I’ve committed to doing two 5K events over the next two weeks.  One is the Run For the Fallen which is supporting one of our local police officers who was killed in the line of duty.  The next weekend I am heading to my hometown to do a run to help support my cousin who has cancer.

I’m not really concerned about losing as I do not do them to win.  But I am concerned about not doing as good as I possibly could.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am in constant competition with myself so if I do not improve, I feel like I’ve let myself down.  I know, I know, these races are for good causes and that is why I am doing them, but come on… competition doesn’t hurt anyone.  And sometimes makes it even more fun.

So I really should probably wake up Thursday morning and go for a run.  I should probably even try and actually run a 5K to see if I can even do it anymore.  I’ve ran a couple of miles here and there lately because that is all of the time I have in the morning, but I haven’t done the full 3.1 miles.  I’m pretty sure I can do it, but I’m not sure if I can do it at the pace I did before winter came along and ruined everything.

We’ll see if I give in and stay in bed or man up and get up when the alarm goes off in the morning.


Breakfast – 3 eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Chips and a protein bar
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Chicken nuggets and fries


3 thoughts on “Day 304… Gotta Get Back To Running

  1. I was in exactly the same position a few weeks ago, so I signed up for a 10k and a 3 miler so I had to kick my running into gear! I am managing to do lunchtimes now but I really need to do mornings too…it is just so nice being asleep!
    Maybe if we should agree…if you do it, I will!

    1. Unfortunately I let you down. Waking up is so tough. I gotta find time to run and the morning isn’t my friend.

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