My friend Chris liked to make fun of me when I would use my Bodymedia to track my calories or see where I was in my calorie burn.  Whenever he heard the beep he would tell me to stop playing with my cyborg implant.

Well, I finally took his advice.

The Bodymedia has been a great device to use.  It has shown me pretty much what I burn in a day whether I am lazy or very active.  It has given me great insight into the way my body works.  But I don’t want to be strapped with an armband for the rest of my life so I have decided to give it a go without it.  That means I will have to use math to figure out what I should be eating.  Thankfully, I have my BMR formula which makes it easy to know the minimum I should be eating.  On top of that, I know how many calories I burn on a day where I exercise vs. on a day when I don’t.  This gives me a great idea of what i can eat and still be at a deficit.  It obviously won’t be as “simple” as the device telling me what I should eat.  Sometimes I may be at a 1200 or 1500 calorie deficit and other days I may be only at a few hundred.  But at least I will always be at a deficit and it is something I can do without the aid of a device or paying a monthly fee.

The other nice thing is that I can always start it up again if I find it necessary.  I don’t think I’ll need to, though.  I lost weight without it before and I am pretty sure I can do it again.

Monday brought me back to where I should be.  I didn’t run but I did go to the gym and do my strength training and circuit training.  It felt good to get back in there and I was able to increase my weight in pretty much all of my lifts.  Hopefully I won’t have any issues for a while with feeling sick or lightheaded or being too damn lazy.


Breakfast – Protein shake
Snacks – Protein bar and coconut bars
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Chicken sandwich and potatoes


3 thoughts on “Day 302… No More Cyborg

  1. I am still firmly attached to my fitbit, but it is not as obtrusive as the bodymedia as far as I can tell!

    I don’t rely on it for calories mind you, I just like to see number of steps and distance I have traveled in a day, it is very useful to see how close to mordor I am getting 😀 (which is not very…I am not even at Rivendell yet…)

    1. Well you better get walking! That ring won’t destroy itself. That sort of info could be nice but I average about the same amount each day. I suppose if I start losing motivation to move around I can find something similar to motivate me.

      1. hahaha I know! It is so far to Mordor!!

        Those hobbits really go some…it is 1779miles!!

        I think I am generally just obsessed with data, I should probably get better at actually thinking for myself rather than letting my fitbit/phone app do it for me…

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