Stupid Dogs

This weekend wasn’t the best for my lifestyle change.  Thursday night was a terrible night.  I didn’t sleep well at all, someone’s car alarm kept going off right outside our door (which was cracked open) and that caused the dogs to go crazy which caused me to stay awake.  That meant that Friday was one of those rare occasions where I took the day off.

This is – as I’ve said before – where I fall apart.  Structure works well for me so when I find a day where that structure is messed up, things go wrong.  Because I didn’t feel well, I slept in.  Because I slept in, I decided not to go to the gym.  Because I didn’t go to the gym, I felt terrible.  And because I felt terrible, I ate.  Well, not really… I would have eaten anyway, but I knowing I didn’t work out did not stop me from eating what I enjoyed.  Friday just wasn’t the best day in the world.  Though I won’t lie… having a day away from work other than a normal day off is nice.  And I got to spend it with my lovely wife.

Saturday I did get up and do my Kyokushin class.  The sensai started off having us work on kicks after we did our normal stretches and warming up but then he had to leave.  He left his son – who is a black belt – in charge.  Instead of doing normal karate exercises he decided to run us through some kicks with the pads followed by some HIIT exercises.  Everything from running and doing burpees to jogging and doing squats.  We even carried people on our backs and did kicks and did also did head-stand pushups.  It was a nice break away from the typical karate classes.

Saturday afternoon we went out to lunch and then went to a movie.  My son didn’t want to go but the rest of us did.  We went and saw The Nut Job.  It was a decent cartoon but nothing to get too excited about.  I then went out on a date with my beautiful wife.  We went to see Marcus the Comedian from Last Comic Standing and then went to a Greek Restaurant for dinner.  It was a very entertaining evening and some delicious food though I’ve decided that Greek food doesn’t seem to fill me up much.

Comedian Marcus

Sunday was a typical Sunday for us involving shopping and some being lazy.  We also went on a nice walk since the weather was so pleasant.  I so can’t wait until Monday.


3 thoughts on “Day 299, 300 & 301… The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    1. Yeah, if I wasn’t told I had to do them, I wouldn’t have done them. I am not a burpees person, especially because of my stupid toe.

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