I most certainly did not sleep very well last night.  And it sucks how much sleep matters.  It would be nice if we could evolve into a species that doesn’t need sleep or only needs to sleep for a few minutes each day to keep going.  That would make things better in almost every aspect.  Longer days being able to do things, not being tired because you couldn’t sleep for your 6 or 8 hours.  Maybe it would cause other problems, though.  Too much time on your hands… idle hands and all.

It did stop me from getting up to run this morning which is fine.  I have plenty of calories to spare with how much I move, but I still want to run.  Hopefully one of these days I can get to sleep so I can get a good run in before work.

I still moved around a lot at work and I got my new workout in.  I am basically doing an alternate version of Stronglifts and then throwing in metabolic lifts after.  I am doing the 3 main sets of exercises anywhere from 5 to 8 times.  That way I can get in pretty heavy sets.  When I do the metabolic lifts, I plan on doing 10 reps in each set.  That way I can do a lighter weight and move through them quickly to keep my heart rate up.  Then boom… I’ve done my metabolic and resistance training all in one day.

I can definitely feel that it works better than the previous exercises I was doing.  My muscles are already sore and sorta weak so that tells me it is working right.  The other program I made didn’t ever make me feel that way so I am guessing all I was doing was burning calories.

So after day 1 of this I am enjoying it more.  It took me a little longer due to resting between the resistance sets but I don’t mind.  If I end up having to wait 30 minutes for the train it can give me some time to get some walking in.

Now to try to get to sleep…


Breakfast – Strawberry banana protein smoothie
Snacks – Chips, chocolate chip cookie and chocolate banana cupcake
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Chicken sandwich and fries
Dessert – Dark chocolate covered pretzels

Morning run N/A
Walking at work
 1 hour+
Resistance (3 sets x 5-8 reps) 1st Set 2nd Set 3rd Set
Squats  7 @ 245 lbs  6 @ 250 lbs  6 @ 255 lbs
Overhead Press  8 @ 100 lbs  8 @ 110 lbs  6 @ 120 lbs
Deadlifts  5 @ 275 lbs – – – –
Metabolic (3 sets x 10 reps) 1st Set 2nd Set 3rd Set 4th Set 5th Set 6th Set
Preacher Curls  40 lbs  50 lbs  50 lbs  50 lbs 50 lbs  10 @ 55 lbs
Lat Raises**  15 lbs  17.5 lbs  17.5 lbs  17.5 lbs 17.5 lbs 10 @ 20 lbs
Skullcrusher  40 lbs  50 lbs  50 lbs  50 lbs  50 lbs  10 @ 55 lbs
Swinging Shrugs  35 lbs  44 lbs  44 lbs  44 lbs  44 lbs  10 @ 45 lbs
Core Machine Press (20 sec.)  27 lbs  27 lbs  27 lbs  27 lbs  27 lbs  15 sec. @ 30 lbs

**Denotes weight is shown in per-hand weight (2 dumbbells used)

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