Date Night

Monday was a fairly busy day because it is “date night” with the kids.  Or as I like to say when I take my son Skyler out… awesome man time.  Sometimes it is something fairly quick and easy like going to an arcade or hitting up Barnes & Noble or maybe even just going out for some ice cream.  But Monday was a perfect day to take the kids to see the newest Hunger Games movie at the discount theater.  Unfortunately, it went from being date night with the kids to bring your friends to the movie night, but I guess I got to have a little date with my wife instead while the kids were elsewhere with their friends.

Since Catching Fire was such a long movie (not too bad of a movie though I wouldn’t have picked it if it weren’t for the kids) it prevented me from being able to write my blog last night and also prevented me from being able to go to bed at a decent time.  This probably will lead to me skipping running on Tuesday instead of on Wednesday for my “lazy day” this week.  Hopefully I can get to sleep at a decent time on Tuesday so I can get up Wednesday like I want to.

Catching Fire

It sure seems like I make a lot of excuses for myself 😦

I’m sure I’m not the only person, but I hate when I feel that way.  I know I can push myself and force myself to wake up after only 5 hours of good sleep and run but sometimes I just feel that it is better to get some extra sleep.  I know that it is as important to get rest as it is to exercise and eat well.  Doing all the exercise in the world won’t do any good if you don’t allow your body to rest.  But I guess I just feel like the right thing to do is push myself to my limits instead of resting when I need to rest… even though I KNOW this isn’t the right thing to do.  You gotta listen to your body when it tells you to rest.  This is different than your body saying “come on, brah.  Stay in bed today!” just to get you out of exercise.  You gotta learn the difference.

Monday was a circuit training day and I made a few small changes.  I added some calf raises in one section instead of leaps and since I do lat pulldowns I changed lat raises to dips.  I noticed I had nothing exercising the triceps so I figured that was a good thing to do.

I am still debating on if this is a good program or not.  I know that I am burning calories but the strength part of it may not be working so well.  I might soon go back to the old circuit training program I did 3-4 years ago which worked wonderfully for both strength and calorie burn.  We’ll give this another week or two, though.


Breakfast – Protein shake
Lunch – Pizza and chicken quesadilla
Snack – Trail Mix
Dinner – Chicken quesadillas
Dessert – Popcorn


20 minute run – – 2.18 miles
Walking at work – – 1 hour+
Quick-xercises – –  3 sets  5 reps each
Circuit Training – – 1st Set 2nd Half-Set
Bench Press – –  20 @ 140 lbs  10 @ 140 lbs
Sumo Squats – –  26 w/15 lbs  13 w/15 lbs
Mountain Climbers – –  31  16
1 min. Run/Walk – – 7.6 mph  3.8 @ 5%
Shoulder Press** – – 18 @ 30 lbs  9 @ 30 lbs
Lunges – –  12  6
Single Arm Swings** – –  20 @ 26.4 lbs  10 @ 26.4 lbs
1 min. Run/Walk – – 7.6 mph  3.8 @ 5%
Curls** – –  20 @ 25 lbs  10 @ 25 lbs
Calf Press  – –  45 @ 200 lbs  23 @ 200 lbs
Iron Cross** – –  16 @ 10 lbs  8 @ 10 lbs
1 min. Run/Walk – – 7.6 mph 3.8 @ 5%
Dips  – –  16  8
Leg Curls – –  22 @ 60 lbs  11 @ 60 lbs
Thrusters** – –  20 @ 15 lbs  10 @ 15 lbs
1 min. Run/Walk – – 7.6 mph 3.8 @ 5%
Lat Pulldowns – –  20 @ 90 lbs  10 @ 90 lbs
1 min. Stairs – –  L. 8  L. 4
Flutter Kicks – –  38 w/25 lbs  19 w/25 lbs
1 min. Run/Walk – – 7.6 mph 3.8 @ 5%

**Denotes weight is shown in per-hand weight (2 dumbbells used)
^^Denotes count per leg/arm

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