I’m not much of a person for naps.  Generally when I take a nap I feel even worse.  There are – of course – times that I am just too tired to not take a nap.  And when my wife is feeling under the weather and wants to take a nap herself it just makes sense that I join in.  So I did.

That was after running in the morning and doing my normal routine for the day.  One issue with my run in the morning is that I forgot to adjust my alarm so I ended up waking up 15 minutes later than normal.  I still went out and did what I could, but I didn’t get as far as I would have liked.  My movement at work is still at an all-time-high so I am burning plenty of calories there and really not worried about not moving enough.  As long as my back is not hurting me, I tend to move around plenty while there.

After work I took a nap and it was actually quite lovely.  I fell asleep rather quickly though I was awakened shortly after by a phone call.  After that, I napped for about an hour and a half and woke up feeling pretty good.  I was a little groggy but didn’t feel any worse than I did before I fell asleep.  I then went to karate with my brother-in-law.

Karate on Thursday was great.  We didn’t burn an amazing amount of calories and didn’t do anything crazy, but it was a good pace and a lot of things I really needed to work on.  After warming up, doing about 35 pushups on our knuckles and doing kihon we spent a lot of time working on kicks.  I can kick someone in the knee or shin or thigh pretty hard but if you want me to kick someone in the chest or head, I fall very short.


Flexibility used to be something I had a decent amount of when I was in wrestling in high school.  I could nearly do the splits and didn’t have many issues touching my toes, but that was 15 years ago.  Now, I can’t touch my toes, and while I can stretch side-to-side fairly well into the splits direction I can’t go down nearly as far as I used to.  This equates into not being able to kick very high or with a very straight leg.  That’s why I appreciated what we did yesterday.  We didn’t make contact with each other, just used our partner as a target to orient our kicks.  We worked on high kicks and roundhouses and other various kicks and I felt completely behind the rest of the class.  I definitely need to continue to work on my flexibility.

After kicks, we worked on blocking punches and dodging punches which was the most contact we made.  At least people can rest assured that we are working on block and dodging hits instead of just being punched repeatedly.  I was glad because it now gives me a chance to heal up a bit more (both my knuckles and abdomen) since I won’t be at karate on Saturday.  Healing up is certainly a good thing to do.

So are naps.


Breakfast – Vegetable omelet with bacon
Snack – Protein bar
Lunch – Tijuana Turkey wrap
Dinner – Chicken quesadillas
Dessert – Peanut butter and dark chocolate wraps


A 1.24 mile run in the morning

An hour+ of walking at work

1 1/2 hours of Kyokushin karate

2 thoughts on “Day 291… Nap Power!

  1. I am glad you are learning blocking too 🙂 I assumed you must be…

    I am rubbish at napping, if I go to sleep in the day / evening I have a really hard time waking up again and then I tend towards sleep paralysis and it all goes wrong…

    this is not to say it never happens…I just often regret it!

    1. Yeah, napping is dangerous for me because normally I feel worse, I don’t want to get up and then I have trouble going to sleep that night. But sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

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