LazySo as I mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t able to go out and run today.  I was starting at the gym at work and required a lock so I had to find time to get one.  Unfortunately, that meant that I had to go early in the morning to purchase one.  That meant I skipped my 20 minute run this morning but did everything else the same.

I guess that can constitute a lazy day.

I do have to admit that it was a very nice thing being able to workout at the gym in my office building.  There really isn’t anything wrong with the gym I go to, it is just utilized by far too many people at the same time and really isn’t that big.  I think that the room that has the weights in it is probably 1/4th the size of the gym at my office.  Not only that, but there were about 5 total people there and none of them were using equipment I needed.

That – of course – does not mean that it will happen that way forever.  I am sure eventually more people will use it, or someone will want the same equipment I am using, but there is more equipment here so hopefully it won’t be an issue (or at least not very often).

My workout went well.  I got it all done in just over an hour which included figuring out how much weight to do and getting a pace going.  Hopefully I can do it a little quicker in the future so I don’t have to wait for the next train, but either way I still get home earlier than I did when I came home and went to the gym here.

Circuit training is still one of my favorite things to do.  I know that I won’t build massive muscles doing it, but I enjoy being able to burn a lot of calories while building strength and not simply running in place or outside.  I still enjoy running, but I do it enough so I need some variety.

Circuit Training

I did circuit training years ago when I lost 150 pounds and rarely ran, so I know it can work.  I just have to stick with it so I don’t have to talk about how I lost weight in the past again… cuz it needs to be permanent!

So a quick explanation… I would do roughly 1 minute of lifting for the first set and rest for 1 minute after the 1 minute run.  Once I completed the set I would do it again but only half as many reps.  I figured it would make for a decent amount of calories burned without doing the same thing too much and using all parts of my body.  I didn’t burn as many calories as I would have liked but I also spent more time between sets figuring out what I was doing.  In the future I should move faster so should burn more.

Let’s hope it works!


Breakfast – Strawberry banana protein shake
Lunch – Reuben panini
Dinner – Chicken nugget wraps


20 minute run  – –  –  –
Walking at work  – –    1 hour  –
Quick-xercises  – –  5 Sets 5 Reps Each
Circuit Training – –  1st Set 2nd Half-Set
Bench Press – –  17 @ 135 lbs  9 @ 135 lbs
Sumo Squats – –  27  14
Mountain Climbers – –  37  19
1 min. Run/Walk – – 7.5 mph 3.8 mph @ 5%
Shoulder Press** – –  17 @ 25 lbs  9 @ 25 lbs
Lunges – –  11  6
Single Arm Swings** – –  20 @ 17.6 lbs 10 @ 17.6 lbs
1 min. Run/Walk – –  7.5 mph 3.8 mph @ 5%
Curls** – – 25 @ 20 lbs  13 @ 20 lbs
Leaps – –  14  7
Iron Cross** – –  15 @ 10 lbs 8 @ 10 lbs
1 min. Run/Walk – –  7.5 mph 3.8 mph @ 5%
Lat Raises** – – 21 @ 10 lbs 11 @ 10 lbs
Leg Curls – –  24 @ 50 lbs 12 @ 50 lbs
Thrusters** – –  14 @ 15 lbs 7 @ 15 lbs
1 min. Run/Walk – –  7.5 mph 3.8 mph @ 5%
Lat Pulldowns – – 28 @ 80 lbs 14 @ 80 lbs
1 min. Stairs – –  Level 7 Level 4
Flutter Kicks – –  52 26
1 min. Run/Walk – – 7.5 mph 3.8 mph @ 5%

**Denotes weight is shown in per-hand weight (2 dumbbells used)

3 thoughts on “Day 290… Midweek Lazy Day

  1. Ha ha! Getting home sooner sounds like great motivation to workout faster. Glad you’re enjoying the variety. 🙂

  2. I agree! Getting home earlier is definitely a reason to work efficiently 😀 (efficiently is better than just faster 😉 )
    Circuit training is awesome…My current gym program is circuit like, only nearly completely trx based…which is not helpful if you don’t have one at your gym…
    your circuit looks really good 🙂 and it is nice to see you are not crazy enough to voluntarily add in burpees :-p

  3. Thanks you two! I love being home faster and being more efficient. I should grow even more efficient over time and once I get to where I can do it correctly and quickly, I will add to it so that I always maintain at least a 45 minute to an hour long workout.

    And burpees are not my favorite and I honestly don’t know if I will ever choose to do them 😛 One big issue is my toe that still won’t heal. I have a hard enough time pushing off my left foot but doing burpees are killer on my foot. I know they’re a great workout, though!

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