QuestionsNot from anyone in particular.  To be honest, the questions are all coming from me.

I finished the first two days of my “new” attempts at pushing myself.  I did my “quick-xercises”, my extra runs and my normal workouts through the two days.  I didn’t feel too bad until after doing karate.  2 hours of fairly intense workouts on top of everything else is pretty damn tough.  That was the first point that I started questioning what I was doing.

How pathetic is that? 2 days?

Well, fortunately for me I didn’t have to make too much of a decision.  Since I am going to be lifting at the gym at work instead of at the rec center I will need a lock to put on my locker.  Since I don’t have a lock to put on my locker I need to buy one.  Since the only option is to buy one in the morning, I won’t have time to get up and run.  I guess that helped me make my decision.  I am fairly confident that I would have woken up on Wednesday morning to run but I can at least get a little bit of rest.

Kyokushin was pretty rough Tuesday.  Not that we did anything different than normal, but the fact that my abdomen is already insanely bruised and we worked on more pain tolerance.  Not only that, but we did roughly 30 knuckle push-ups, 50 rolling knuckle push-ups and 120 flutter kicks so my “quick-xercises” had already made my chest and core sore and I just had to add to it.  Below is a shot of my abdomen as of Tuesday.  I know the camera adds 10 pounds and colors don’t show up all that great but you get the idea of what it looks like.  Beware, it’s gruesome (and not just from the bruises):

My abdomen

I knew all of this was going to happen so it shouldn’t be a surprise.  I also am not really questioning if I want to do it.  I KNOW that I want to do it.  I am questioning if it is going to be worth it or if it could possibly be even worse for me than it is beneficial.  As I mentioned before, I know there are people who have trained a hell of a lot harder than I am and have lasted, so I know it can be done.  I guess it is how hard do I want to push my body as well as how fast do I want to get to the point of pushing my body that hard?

I may adjust things so that I am doing all of this Monday and Tuesday, skip the extra running and “quick-xercises” on Wednesday, and then do it all again on Thursday and Friday.  Gives me a day of “rest” but keeps me pushing myself.  I suppose we’ll see if I really need to do that or if I can get through a week of it all.

What’s even more funny about all of this is that I have been watching documentaries about various military groups (such as the Army Rangers, Air Force Pararescue, Marine Recon, etc.) and these guys get tore up for days, weeks and months.  Does that mean I can do it?  I don’t know.  One issue is trying to push myself.  If I had some drill sergeant yelling in my face and other people around me doing the same thing I would probably be able to push myself further.  But going solo always makes it more difficult to push myself.

But I am planning to do just that…


Breakfast – Strawberry banana protein shake
Snacks – Cookies
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Chicken patties and nuggets


A 2.04 mile run

4 rounds of “quick-xercises”

An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin Karate

5 thoughts on “Day 289… And The Questions Begin

  1. I am all for pushing your self, I am also all for hard workouts that leave you aching etc…I am not really sure that there is a reason for getting that bruised from a karate work out…I am not sure that is a necessary part of it…not if you are supposed to be doing it for fun… I know the way to get used to being punched is to get punched but it seems a little extreme…

    this is what I liked about the martial arts I practiced…the punches / kicks I took were all in sparring (and actual fighting…where I got kicked in the ear by the european champion…needless to say I lost that fight…)

    however 🙂 keep up the good work 😀

    1. Kyokushin is and always has been full contact.To progress in the later parts of the journey, you are required to fight. for your first “Dan” you are required to fight 20 people….1.5 minute per round. You have to know how to take a hit. That is the nature of this particular style. I don’t think Earl is doing this for fun, though. He’s not sadistic in nature

      1. I understand knowing how to take a hit, and full contact martial arts, I have done both light contact and full contact varieties in the past. I have just never encountered one that make you stand and take punches quite so much.
        As I said, the ones I have done involve taking punches during sparring… but also learning to avoid taking them when at all possible 🙂
        each to their own however 🙂

  2. I agree. I believe it comes down to the way the instructor chooses to teach. I started studying this 20 years ago and was only subjected to the bamboo stick and punching…..maybe 3 times in 2 years? The rest was through the bare-knuckle sparring. Our Sensei, however has a completely different mindset.

    1. I agree. I think that he has a different style but I think in the long run it will work out well. If I go through the whole thing and do actual fights and tournaments, I will be getting hit quite a lot. I would rather be used to being hit through training than be surprised when I go to get do a real fight. We do also work on avoiding it and blocking (in fact, we did quite a bit of that on Tuesday) but he still wants us to get used to the pain. I know it all sounds pretty crazy, especially telling people about it, but it’s not as insane as it sounds 🙂 Even my wife is doing it!

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