While I haven’t missed a day of exercise in a while, my body certainly seems to be getting more and more used to the rigors I put it through.Prune

I still have plenty of war wounds.  Bruises on both knees, my arm and hand, chest and probably the craziest bruise/welt combination you’ve ever seen across my abdomen.  While these things obviously don’t feel good to the touch, they also don’t hold me back any.  I wish I was more comfortable taking pictures of myself without a shirt on because I would love to show people what it looks like.  I guess just imagine someone’s stomach but instead of being skin colored, it looks like a prune.


Not only have I been doing my karate, but I’ve been lifting and running on days in between.  Sunday is pretty much the only day I take off anymore.  And there are times I want to go and walk or do something simple.  But I know the body deserves rest and I figure that one day is enough for now.  Luckily, lifting doesn’t cause too many issues other than sore thighs.  But even that hasn’t bothered me much this week.  Last week I could hardly even sit or stand or do things I needed to do, but this week I feel pretty darn good.

I feel Taikyoku Sono Ichieven better because I was able to already get down the first kata or form.  If I was informed correctly, you have to learn 4 kata as part of moving from the white belt to the next rank.  At class on Thursday we worked a little bit on the first kata and I was able to get it down.  Of course, I still need to perfect the forms and stances so they look correct, but I got down the basic movements.  Hopefully I can learn the other 3 and do whatever else I need to do to move on to the next level.

This is normally what happens when I really get dedicated to something.  I get excited and want to move up the ranks.  I want to go to all classes, I want to learn all I can about it and I want to show that I’m proud to be a part of it.  Ask my friends what it was like when I played World of Warcraft (WoW).  I was known as Earlopedia because I could tell you almost every little detail about it.  I spent hours and days playing (I worked the graveyard shift so when my family was asleep on my weekend, I would play), learning everything there was to learn, perfecting the parts I could perfect and showing it off to those who cared (and sometimes those who didn’t).

Luckily, Kyokushin is a bit more relevant to life than WoW was.  But I am following the same path.  I want to go to class everyday, I am reading about the history of those who started it and those who have partaken of it and I want to do the best I can and brag about it.

So that’s what I’m gonna do.

Other than karate, Thursday was a normal day.  Nothing too exciting at work, nothing too exciting at home and delicious chicken quesadillas were eaten for dinner.  I’m still not bored of them, and I still really enjoy the weekend when I eat different foods, but I wish I could find some pre-made quesadillas so I didn’t have to take the time to make them myself.

It’s amazing how lazy one can sound right after talking about how dedicated they are to a program like karate.


Breakfast – Strawberry banana protein shake
Snacks – Cheetos and a protein bar
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Chicken quesadillas
Dessert – Dark chocolate pretzels


An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin karate

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