Winter Sucks

I know that it is probably a terrible thing to complain about an item I purchased on eBay being delayed because of the frozen tundra that is the eastern half of America, but dammit… I ordered my gi almost 2 weeks ago and it still hadn’t shown up!  That is… until Tuesday.  Finally, the bath robe of awesomeness had shown up at my doorstep.

I put mine on and the jacket was incredibly comfortable.  For those who don’t know, I am a big guy (both girth and height) so finding clothes can be tough.  This jacket, however, was a perfect fit.  Then I tried on the pants.  I looked like those scenes in the movie where an adult is turned into a kid and they are wearing clothes that are about 4 sizes too big.  These things were made for a 6’8″ person.  Unfortunately, for the girth of the clothing I had to order these which meant I had about 4-6 inches too much on the length of the pants.  Thankfully my wife is more than amazing and was able to tack the hem up a little so I could go to class.

Class was an incredibly fun class.  We didn’t do a whole lot different than we have in the past (other than avoiding punching each other which was a welcome reprieve), but we worked out pretty hard and did a lot of throws and take-downs.  Many of these things aren’t really feasible in an actual fight.  Even when sparring it would be difficult to make any of these throws and holds and take-downs work.  Luckily, our sensei knows this and chooses to teach us so we have the knowledge of things that COULD work depending on the situation.

That is one thing I really appreciate about the Kyokushin class I am involved in.  This isn’t a class where we stand around and do fancy kicks and moves and unrealistic fighting techniques.  This is a class where we spend time working on basics for simple muscle memory, then spend the rest of the time working on actually fighting and defending ourselves.  Heavy bag work can’t be overstated and I love doing it.  In fact, I’ve thought about even trying to find a good one for my house to workout on when I feel like it.Blarghlbe!

These things he is teaching us are things we can use in real life.  We obviously practice at a slower pace and try not to hurt each other, but that doesn’t always work (ask my big toe) and we all know that in a real-life situation we aren’t going to be able to think about what we do nor will we have a willing participant on the other side.  Hence why repetition and “boredom” is important.

So I finally was part of the group along with my wife.  We had on our gi and were able to stand with the rest of the appropriately dressed students instead of at the end of the line.  Unfortunately I do not have a picture of me in the gi, but I do have a picture of myself in this awesome evil minion hat that my mom made.

Don’t be jealous.


Breakfast – Strawberry/banana protein shake
Snack – Bagel with vegetable cream cheese
Lunch – Chicken in tortillas (no quesadillas)
Dinner – Soft turkey tacos


An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin karate

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