So I suppose I am on a “Let It Go” kick.  I will probably go into detail a bit more later as to why.  But for now, I’d like to introduce to you Lexi Walker.

Lexi is an 11 year old girl from Salt Lake City, Utah (my neck of the woods) who is probably best known around these parts for being involved in the Stadium of Fire (which my nieces were also both involved in) and singing the National Anthem at a Real Salt Lake soccer game.

Watching the video below made me curious if she actually was that good at singing.  It’s easy to make someone look cute and fix their voice in the behind-the-scenes work.  Well, watch her singing the National Anthem and you’ll hear just how good she is.

I admit this one still brought out some emotion in me.  My friend Chris is probably starting to wonder what is wrong with me, but he probably isn’t reading this anyway.  Her voice is amazing and this song becomes more and more addictive as I hear it (damn you Disney).

I will argue that I still prefer Caleb Hyles version that I posted about not too long ago.  While both renditions of the song are amazing, I think that Caleb’s ability to hit those high and low ranges makes his so much more unique.  That isn’t to take anything way from Lexi.  It’s not like I could do anything short of picking my nose and running around using my imagination at 11 years old.  But Caleb’s version just fits.

What do you think?

(Stay tuned for more about Frozen and why it is on my gaydar, I mean radar)

P.S.  Thank you Danielle for posting this for me to find.

P.P.S.  No, I do not think there is a hidden gay agenda in this movie… but that is for another topic.

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