ParentingAn appropriate title.  A boring title but an appropriate one.

Some may wonder how a good day comes out of spending an hour at parent/teacher conference where your child is struggling, addressing bullying concerns, dealing with stupid Flappy Birds, and barely having time to make your meals for dinner and the next day’s lunch.  Maybe it’s because that is what being a parent is, and sometimes being a parent makes it be a good day.

Sure, there are times I think about how nice it would be to not have children to worry about.  Getting myself up, spending time with my wife, spending our money on things we want, traveling wherever we please and only seeing how cute or not-cute other children are.  There are times that I wonder where I would be in my life if I didn’t have children – either my own or those that I have inherited.  There are times I count down the days to adulthood and just imagine what life will be like at that point.

And with all this daydreaming, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Being a parent isn’t always about throwing trophies on a shelf, hanging awards on a wall, bragging about straight A’s or how good your son is at baseball.  Parenting is a position that not everyone is good at.  Some coddle their children too much, others don’t pay any attention at all.  Some think their kids can do no wrong, others think that their kids do nothing right.  Some see their children as a burden while others use them as their own trophy system.  I don’t believe that any of these singular methods of parenting work and build strong adults for the future.  You have to learn how to combine them all into a bunch of fine-lined duties.

You need to give your kids attention but let them be free to experience life.  You need to show your kids the mistakes they made and help them get through while teaching them to choose the right path.  You need to realize your kids were your decision (while some may argue) and that you are responsible for making them who they are but you shouldn’t use them to brag about how good of a parent you are.  You need to toe all of these lines without crossing too far into one or you’re doing it wrong.  That’s why Thursday was a good day.

I was a parent.Karate

Thursday was also a good day because I was still so sore that I was sort of dreading going to karate.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to put my full effort into the class or wouldn’t be able to kick where I needed to or twist the way I should.  I was REALLY worried that someone was going to kick me in the thigh and I would have to turn all Bruce Lee on them and maybe hurt someone.  But none of that happened.  I could still feel my muscles aching as I stretched and warmed up, through every kick and twist and punch, even while working on the throws and defenses we worked on.  There wasn’t a second that went by that I couldn’t feel them aching.  But the entire time my muscles were warming up, getting looser and I was able to go through the entire class without any real issues.

In fact, it probably was the best class I’ve been to (granted, I’ve only been to 8 or 9, but still…) which helped add to it being a good day.  We worked at a fast pace since no new people were there, he didn’t stop to explain things which meant we just kept on moving.  We worked hard on the heavy bags and did some work on throws and – despite being let go 15 minutes early – I got the best workout doing karate that I’ve ever gotten.

Parenting and karate seem to be quite similar in some ways.  Parenting kicks your ass if you let it, leaves you feeling wounded and worn if you choose and sometimes you wish you weren’t doing it.  Karate can do the same thing… or they both can make you feel proud, make you feel good, make you stronger and better and leave you full of desire to take care of the next round.  Sometimes you gotta choose how things make you feel.

So make it a good day.


Breakfast – Popcorn chicken
Snacks – Chips and an apple crisp
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Chicken quesadillas
Snack – Popcorn chiken


An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin karate

5 thoughts on “Day 277… A Good Day

  1. this does sound like a good day 😀

    Speaking as a non-parent, you sound like you have it pretty well covered 🙂

    speaking as a non-karate but has done various fighting sports, your work out sounds awesome 😀

    1. I think this karate is pretty awesome. To be honest I can burn as many calories lifting and running for a total of an hour than I burn in 2 hours at kyokushin, but I don’t have as much fun nor do I learn anything such as self defense.

      And thanks. Parenting isn’t the easiest thing to do but someone’s gotta do it, right? 😛

      1. Sometimes what I enjoy shifts. I enjoy running then sort of get bored if it… so I lift more, then get bored of that. Wish I could find something that I could stick with, but I guess variety is the spice of life.

      2. I am the same, I switch around what I do all the time according to what ever my current obsession is…

        the only constant is morris dancing 😀

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