PIEI wish it were the good kind of pie.

Today I had to sit through a training about P.I.E. which is an acronym about how to get to that “next level” in your career.  The acronym stands for Performance, Image and Exposure.  Essentially, in order to progress to the next level of my career I need to be performing at or above standard, have an image of someone who wants to get the position and have my name “out there in lights.”

How can I possibly do this more than I already do?

I always perform at or above where I should be.  It’s tough to know exactly where I stand because we don’t have metrics so much of the decision is subjective.  But either way, I am at or above where I need to be.  My name is out there about as much as possible.  I don’t know how many times I hear “Oh, I’ve seen your name but never met you…” in my lifetime here.  So other than doing something insanely famous, it’s out there.  Image is a different thing.  We aren’t required to dress snazy and I honestly don’t believe that this makes a difference in my career.  When I go in for an interview, yes.  I need to dress appropriately and I believe that I do.  But I don’t think me wearing a shirt and tie daily will make an difference.Progress

This is the frustration I go through.  They say “do x, y and z and you’ll progress!”  Well, I’ve been doing x, y and z for my entire career and am in the same place I’ve been for about 6 years.  These sort of training and development courses do nothing but leave me more bitter than I was the day before.

This is one reason I hate to fail or stagnate when working on a better me physically.  I don’t want to be told “all you have to do is x, y and z!” and pound x, y and z in the face until we’re all bruised and sore and have no progress made.  It makes me wonder why I am eating less food, working harder and all for (what I perceive to be) nothing.

Thankfully this hasn’t happened much lately other than over the holidays (which I knew would happen) so I am still chugging along and doing quite well lately.

I guess we’ll see how long that lasts.

Tuesday was a very busy day for being active.  Going down to the training meant I got to move around a lot more and take more stairs and then my wife surprised me with a text asking if I wanted to go for a walk when I got home.  Since the weather was so nice, she felt like going for one and we did.  We then went to karate and spent a lot of time working on basics before moving onto blocks, moving, holds and throws.  It was a fairly light day of karate though my Stronglifts thighs beg to differ.  Let’s see what pain Wednesday brings.

And I still like cake better.Cake


Breakfast – Protein shake
Snacks – Protein bar and chips
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Green Bean Spaghetti
Dessert – Cracklin’ Oat Bran and wheat & barley nuggets


An hour+ of walking at work

A 1.8 mile walk with my wife

2 hours of Kyokushin Karate

3 thoughts on “Day 275… P.I.E.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I only went because I had to.

      And I won’t be giving that up. I have lapses just like everyone else, but I think I am trending in the right direction 😀

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