Let me start off by saying I am most definitely not a Disney freak.  I enjoy Disney movies (though the last few have been a disappointment to me), but I don’t obsess over them the way others seem to.  Let me also say that I went on a date with my wife to see the movie Frozen.  While it was far from my favorite Disney movie, it wasn’t horrible.  The songs didn’t really get to me, the story was sort of bland and if Olaf wasn’t present I probably would have voted it my least favorite Disney movie (thank you Olaf).

However, after hearing this rendition of “Let It Go” done by Caleb Hyles (thank you Sarah) I think I found out I had a heart string to tug on.  Caleb is the lead singer of a band called From The Dark (a band I will probably start listening to now) and you wouldn’t imagine a metal singer being able to do this. Maybe it’s just me, but listening to this version of the song got to me a lot more than the song in the actual movie.  It didn’t bring me to tears, but I can’t imagine people won’t listen to this and not kind of be wowed.

My big complaint is that I went to do some research on Caleb and find out who he was and what band he sang for and the 2nd article on Google was by some dingleberry (why am I promoting his article anyway?) who says that his version “pales in comparison to the original” and he has “no emotion in his voice.”  I am sure this guy (who has fewer followers on his blog than I do it seems) is just trying to stir up a hornets nest and go against the grain, but I think Caleb has plenty of emotion in his voice.  I have listened to this 3 times now and while it starts off a little rough, it picks up and becomes an amazing rendition.

I don’t expect the masses to break down and cry on their knees, but give it a listen and tell me what you think.

10 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Random: Caleb Hyles

  1. My girls and I had just recently seen the movie, so we were still in the doyouwanttobuildasnowmanforthefirsttimeinforever stage, quoting and singing the few lines from every song that we could remember. And *then* we heard Caleb sing…

    Wow! We are a musical family, and were deeply impressed with Caleb’s mastery over a huge range of notes. He started off so deep, and with such an expressive face! The emotion got deeper when he moved up an octave, and kept going! His return to the bass clef at the end was pure genius, and just sounded right!

    We didn’t cry on our knees, because we were too busy watching and listening!

    This is a well-written blog post. Thank you for your commentary and information. I have never thought I liked metal music, but I could be wrong! ;o)

    1. Thanks for coming along!

      Like I said, I wasn’t big on the movie at all. Songs weren’t catchy to me or anything, but after I heard Caleb’s version it has been in my head for more than a day now.

      I understand that he didn’t “make the song his” by changing anything, but the emotion he throws out with his voice is amazing. I listened to some of the stuff from his band and if you can handle louder music, his voice is very similar to what he did in “Let It Go.” I am going to give them some listens and probably buy their album to support them. His voice truly has great range and was perfect for this song.

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know your thoughts! I am glad others think the same way I do about his version.

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