What in the...

I bet you never thought there would be one.  But there is.

The building I work at offers plenty of opportunity to get around when you want to be on your feet.  I have no idea what the square footage is, but it is 3 stories and lots of space from one side to the other.  Sometimes I use that as an advantage to get up and move more by picking to go to the bathroom in a different place than right next to my cubicle.

Sometimes I’m forced to do it because everyone decided to go to the bathroom at the same time.

Either way, it is nice to be able to go down a level or two on the stairs, find a bathroom that is available to you and then head back up to my floor.  I am sure I burn an extra calorie or two each time I do it, and that doesn’t bother me any.  Today was especially helpful as I had people asking me for help on different floors and I would willingly rush down to meet them at their computer to get that extra movement in.

Some may say I do this to get away from my desk, but that isn’t the case.  It really isn’t hard at all to get away from my desk so it’s not like I need an excuse.  I do it because each day I try to burn more calories than the day before.  It used to be I was shooting for burning 2000 calories by 12:30 each day and now I am hitting closer to 2100.  Maybe on a good day I can push that even further.  I know I am especially lazy when I don’t reach that goal and I need to get up a bit more.


I guess this is the OCD side of me coming out.  And the competitive side.  And my analytic side.  And all that rolled into one is why I can’t just live my life and do what I do, I have to keep checking the numbers and the data and doing 1 point better than before.

But I guess that is my life.  That’s how I’ve always been and I assume that is how I am always

going to be.  No point in trying to be a different me.

I kinda like me the way I am.


Breakfast – Cheddar/jalapeno brats on rye
Snacks – Nutrigrain and protein bar
Lunch – Pastrami and peppered turkey sandwich, chips, carrot cake and a brownie
Dinner – Beef wrapped peppers and roasted vegetables


An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin karate

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