Push Up

It is amazing how long it takes for the sore muscles to recover when you’ve done workouts you haven’t done since high school.  I missed Saturday’s workout because I was down visiting my girls so I was even luckier that I got that extra day of rest (if you consider wrestling, rolling up wrestling mats and carrying them up stairs a rest).  But Tuesday was the first day in almost 5 days that my lats and chest weren’t sore.  They didn’t hurt, mind you, they were just sore from doing so many punches and push-ups.

Would Tuesday do it for me again?

Not this week.  We still did our punches on the heavy bags and did plenty of push-ups, but we spent a lot more time on the fundamentals including stretching, stances and correct forms.  I enjoy this part of working out.  It doesn’t always have to be crazy, hard, push yourself until you vomit, sweat dripping from your brow kind of workouts to be good.  I lost plenty of sweat, worked many different muscles but was also able to work on the mental part of the art.

One thing I wasn’t really excited for were the rolls.Forward Roll

I love myself a dinner roll,  a crescent roll and even a sushi roll, but to have me tuck my shoulder and do a forward roll is a whole different beast.  But we did them and so I did them.  I am not one to sit back and let other people do things that I can I can do.  Sure, doing push-ups are not easy between punching sessions but I still do them.  Kicking as high as I can for 2 minutes with a 30 second break and repeating is not easy but I still do it.  So when we practice doing front rolls and popping up to defend ourselves… I’m gonna do it!  Not only that, but we worked on falling and rolling backwards.

I ain’t gonna lie, though, it was tough.  My upper back took some punishment with my weight and my neck didn’t like me rolling backwards but I still worked at it.  I was able to do the forward roll fairly well and pop up to defend myself with no issues.

Karate isn’t all about “hiya!” and punching and kicking and doing fancy moves.  Sometimes it is about doing things correctly; using the correct stance, your arms moving correctly as you move to block, your kicks striking the pad at your shin and not your foot.  There are so many little areas that you have to prefect that it seems nearly impossible to do.

But I’m going to keep trying…


Breakfast – Protein shake
Snacks – Fruit and protein bars
Lunch – Chicken and black bean salsa
Dinner – Fajitas
Dessert – Granola bar


An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin Karate

3 thoughts on “Day 261… Roll, Baby, Roll!

  1. more awesomeness!

    Forward rolls are tricky so well done! I can roll fine, it is the getting up again that is the problem, I never seem to get my feet in the right place and end up sitting back down again!

    1. Thanks!

      Lucky for me, it seemed sort of natural. Maybe it was all the Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee movies I watched. Or possibly the 4 years of wrestling. Either way, other than my weight causing pressure on my back unnaturally, it was simpler than I thought it would be.

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