For some reason I feel that this title is familiar, and it is very possible that it is.  But I am too lazy to check and don’t care THAT much about it.Cough

I have decided that my little hometown is mad at me for not being there enough and makes me sick whenever I go down.  I was fine before Christmas but ended up getting a never-ending cough after returning.  Then I went down for a day to see my girls and ended up getting another never-ending cough.

Maybe I can blame the big city… all the smog up here gets out of my lungs for the day I am gone and as soon as I get back it instantly makes me sick.  That way, my little hometown is innocent of any wrongdoings and I can blame it all on the congestion, traffic and lack of good public transportation.

Yeah, that’s it.

Other than that, it was a normal day.  I didn’t wake up early due to being tired from my weekend, went to work and had a normal University Mallday there, then went to the gym and ran for a while.  Had a delicious dinner and took my daughter out on a date to the mall.  Got home, played some XBox, watched some TV and am ready to pass out again.

Livin’ the life.


Breakfast – Protein shake
Snacks – Fruit and protein bars
Lunch – Creamy chicken potatoes and beef ribs
Dinner – Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and black bean salsa
Dessert – Donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

4.62 miles on the treadmill

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