So I have a question for anyone who my know.  In August 2012 I was at a birthday party for my niece at a waterpark.  I went down one of the slides and as I did my foot was caught against the edge of the slide opening.  This caused my big toe to extend far beyond where it should have.  It was swollen and bruised for a long period of time shortly after it happened but then went away.  It continued to hurt so I – being that I hate doctors – finally gave in and went to one.  They took an xray of my foot and could find absolutely nothing wrong with it.  They gave me a “boot” to wear and I wore it for a while, but it only caused it to hurt more so I stopped.  To this day, nearly 1 1/2 years later, it still causes me pain.

Unfortunately that limits a lot of things I can do.  My Kyokushin training is tougher because it is hard to pivot on my left foot, kick things with my left leg or do things involving my toes.  Burpees – while possible – are very painful.  As are basic push-ups and any kind of yoga with the toes.  Even lunges cause pain.

Basically… anyone know of an option?  I tried the doctor who saw nothing and gave me a boot-o-pain, I have tried to live with it which is not helping and not making it go away, and I certainly don’t want to stop doing things because of it.

Any ideas?

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