Sore Muscles

So it’s another post about me complaining about how sore I am.  The difference is that I am now sore in places I haven’t been sore in lately.  If ever.  Some of those kicks and moves made me contort my body in ways that I never thought possible.  But at the same time, I feel pretty good.  My back is a little sore, my lats are sore, my legs are definitely sore and my hips feel used… but I feel like I accomplished something.  Maybe going through a half-class isn’t a big feat to anyone else, but I am glad that I did it.  At least now I know what I am getting into and have a starting point instead of jumping head-first into some crazy action.

I had planned on waking up at 4ish as usual to do a workout, but I didn’t.  However, that had nothing to do with how sore I was.  It was actually because of some issues with timing, my brother-in-law had to wait around for the train and I didn’t want to make him wait in the cold so I stayed up later than normal.  I only got about 5 hours of sleep and my body and brain just said no.  I feel so lazy when I don’t start my day off with some sort of exercise; even if it is simply walking.

But I did still move around as much as possible at work.  I still went to the gym after I got home.  I still cannot wait until tomorrow when (hopefully) the real class begins.  I also will be able to wear a gi (or a bathrobe as my friend calls it) so I will be slightly cooler even though I’m just starting.

Mmmm chicken

I also noticed something.  Well, renoticed something.  I love chicken.  Chicken has got to be the best meat around.  I know people who enjoy eating a nice steak or a juicy burger, and I have no issues with that at all, but hand me a nice breaded chunk of chicken and I am very happy.  Give me a juicy grilled patty and I’ll be ecstatic.  Toss it in just about anything and it makes it that much better.  I had some chicken strips for lunch today because there wasn’t much dinner left from Tuesday and they were delicious.  I know that fried chicken is not the best but it probably isn’t the worst thing in the world.  Unfortunately, chicken strips need to be bought at the store and cooked at home.  The servings that most places give you are pathetically small and not nearly as satisfying as what I can get at the store for probably a cheaper price.  And I won’t have to fry it, either.

Anyway, my love of chicken nearly outweighs the pain in my body.  I almost wish that I could have some more right now.  There is a store nearby…


Breakfast – Protein shake
Snacks – Protein and fruit bars
Lunch – Chicken strips and fries
Dinner – Tater tot bake
Dessert – Cracklin’ Oat Bran and what & barley nuggets


An hour+ of walking at work

3.95 miles of walking/jogging on the treadmill

4 thoughts on “Day 255… Post-Kyokushin!

  1. it sounds like a great class, I had to google Kyokushin mind you, but it looks like a great thing to do. It is awesome to find something like that which make exercise into something you really enjoy…you have made me want to look around for another thai boxing / martial arts class 😀

    I also really like chicken, I eat it for lunch with quinoa nearly every day, and often for dinner. It is a great source of lean protein…the problem I have is it is sooo expensive! I only buy free range chicken and it is as expensive as steak!
    (I do actually prefer steak really…but chicken is definitely up there 🙂 )

    1. It does seem pretty awesome and not only do I get a good workout, I get discipline and learn some Japanese as well. I am excited to start the real training tonight!

      I tend to buy the bulk, cheap chicken. I know I could probably get better tasting, less abused chicken but I hate spending money on food as it is. I think I end up spending around $3 per pound when I get it. That isn’t too bad and my wife trims the fat away usually so it tastes a lot better and is healthier anyway. Steak is good, burgers are good, but I’ve found that chicken is my choice. And quinoa can be delicious as well! My wife makes some delicious quinoa burgers.

      1. oooh quinoa burgers sound good!!

        I can’t bring myself to buy anything other than free range chicken…I refuse to be vegetarian but I try to be ethical…mind you that is why I don’t buy chicken very often, free range is about £14 a kg which is I think about £7 a lb which is about $11 or so I think I tend to buy it on offer if possible or in the reductions section and freeze it!

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