Denver's Trophy

In case you’ve missed it, I am a huge Denver Broncos fan.  I am the kind of fan that can answer the question, “How long have you been a Denver Broncos fan?” with, “Well, I was born in 1980…”

I have never been a bandwagon fan of any team.  I may have cheered for the 49ers last year in the Super Bowl, but that’s because I hate the Ravens.  I may have cheered for the Seahawks back in 2005, but that’s because it was their first Super Bowl appearance.  I may have cheered for the Saints in the 2009 season, but that’s because (again) it was their first time there.  That being said, I never hop teams.  If Denver had lost last night, I would still be wearing my Denver shirt today, still be a Denver fan and nothing would change that.  I would – of course – be hating the Super Bowl more than ever if they had lost.  Why?  Because I absolutely HATE the Patriots, but this year the Seahawks (led by the douchebag Richard Sherman) are pretty much the trashiest team in the league.  They push the limits by holding and interfering every play because they know the referees won’t call a penalty every play.  They play dirty, they talk dirty and they need to be put down a peg.  So if it was a New England/Seattle Super Bowl… I’d be cheering for a 0-0 tie.


Speaking of New England, what’s with this crap about putting out the AFC Championship shirts before the game even happened?  Were they really that sure that they were going to beat Denver?  They barely beat Denver earlier in the season mainly because Denver beat themselves.  Denver wasn’t going to make those mistakes again and they didn’t even come close.  I wish I could get my hands on some of these shirts to use to clean up dirt, grime and whatever other mess I have.

Some experts (like Joe Namath) like to say that we hate Brady because he is good, popular, a pretty boy and everything we aren’t.  I personally hate him because he thinks he is special.  Rules have been changed for him.  He won a Super Bowl because of a rule that was put into place FOR him.  He whines too much when he loses and thinks that he is better than he is.  I have no doubts that Brady is a good quarterback.  He is.  He’s going to be one of the best of all time.  But the way he acts on the field and on the sidelines makes me hate him more than usual.  Drew Brees is a similar quarterback but I don’t hate him.  Why?  Because he doesn’t act the way Brady does.  He doesn’t get rules changed for him to help him win games.  He doesn’t yell at the refs (that I’ve seen) like Brady does.  He plays football.

Anyway… other than the awesome win by the Broncos which takes them to the Super Bowl in 2 weeks, I had a nice little weekend.  Went on a date with my wife to see Lone Survivor which was a pretty intense and good movie.  If you don’t like the swears, you won’t like this movie… they use them quite frequently which seemed to shock the lady behind me.  Really?  You come to a rated R movie about soldiers in a war and you don’t expect them to drop the F-bomb a time or 40?  At least it’s no The Wolf of Wall Street.


The movie was great, dinner was delicious, time with my wife was great and – as usual – the weekend went too fast.  I did get some exercise in on Saturday morning but I took the rest of the weekend off to let my body recover.  Sometimes you gotta do that, right?

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