Kevin Ogar

Let me premise this by saying this is NOT a contributing factor me not going to the gym lately.  And by gym, I mean weight room.  This is a completely separate story that I saw today that made me cringe, made me grimace and made me glad I don’t go for crazy amounts of weights like some people. With that being said…

Kevin Ogar was a fanatic of being healthy and loved doing CrossFit (something I’ve yet to try).  He was competing in the OC Throwdown doing a snatch when he dropped the bar which bounced back up and severed his spine.  He is currently paralyzed and is has already had multiple surgeries to try and repair the damage.  The great people around his CrossFit group – and other across America and the world – donated money to him to help with the bills and raised just under $200,000.  Here’s wishing the best for Kevin.

It does bring to mind how quickly things can change in your life.  Maybe the change will start because of some other aspect such as a car wreck or a disease you have no control over.  Maybe – like in the case of Kevin – it is your passion that takes the ability to do that passion away.

Human Body

Remember how easy things change, how quickly life can go from one thing to another.  The body is an amazing instrument but it is also incredibly fragile.  Not only do you need to take care of your body with exercise and how you eat, you need to be sure you are not overdoing it and damage it in other ways.

Now that that is off of my chest, time to move onto my boring day.  I awoke just before 4 to do my workout and went for a nice jog in the crisp, winter morning.  Then I went to work were I spent as much time on my feet as possible.  In fact, I walked outside during my lunch which I have not done in a while.  It was still pretty chilly, but it wasn’t unbearably cold.  Finally, I went to the gym with my wife and ran on the treadmill.  Then we were going to go to a movie with one of my daughters but she decided not to go.  So instead, my wife and I caught up on the TV show we are currently watching.  We watch Netflix so we’re behind on pretty much everything we watch.  Don’t judge…


Not the most exciting thing, but tomorrow I will be starting something new.  I won’t tell you here… let’s let the suspense get to you first.







Breakfast – Protein shake
Snacks – Protein bars
Lunch – Pizza
Dinner – Baked chicken chimichangas
Dessert – Donut and Cracklin’ Oat Bran with wheat & barley nuggets


A brisk 20 minute jog this morning

An hour+ of walking at work

4.4 miles on the treadmill including 10 minutes of HIIT at max speed

2 thoughts on “Day 253… Ouch?

  1. O_o that is terrifying!! I don’t need to think about things like that first thing in the morning after spending an hour in the gym attempting to stand on my head (among other things)

    double well done for a morning jog… mornings are so hard!

    1. Yeah, probably not the best thing to think about when you lift. It is tough to run in the morning, then add cold and it is even tougher, but I got it done!

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