No Excuses

Sometimes it happens.  You have plans to do this or that, have everything prepared for it and then *BOOM!*  Life happens.  The kids get in trouble or get hurt, the spouse needs something to be done right after work, you have an appointment you have to get to or maybe even you leave your keys stuck inside of the lock of your desk drawer at work.

Nobody else have that issue?

That was me today.  I don’t have to use a key to unlock or start my car anymore so I am used to simply leaving it in my pocket.  I also have my house, desk, mail and office key on the same keyring.  So when I opened my desk drawer and left my keys dangling from the lock, I didn’t even notice until I got off of the train and couldn’t open my car.

Go me.

Luckily, I sent a text to my supervisor and he stuck the keys in my drawer, my wife came and picked me up on her way to the doctor’s appointment for our daughter and I got home to get my second key for my vehicle.

All of this – in the past – may have caused me to say “screw exercise” and simply be lazy for the rest of the day.  But not the new Earl.  Today I got home and did my abdomen workout, then I jogged to the train station and got my car.  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, but I was able to improvise and still get some workout in.

Hopefully this is showing that I have turned over a new leaf and won’t use random little excuses to get out of working out or keeping track of what I eat.  After all, the fat don’t disappear on its own.


Breakfast – Protein shake
Snacks – Granola and protein bars
Lunch – Chicken Caesar bake with a baked potato
Dinner – Chicken nuggets and fries
Dessert – Cracklin’ Oat Bran and Wheat & Barley Nuggets with almond milk


20 minutes of Turbo Jam

An hour+ of walking at work

A 1.25 mile jog to the train station

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