There are times in life where you know something (or think you know something) but you just need a bit of proof.  Something to reaffirm that belief that you have.  Something to show yourself – or others – that you are right in your thoughts and beliefs.

Take for instance my hatred of chocolate milk.  Let me start off by saying I do not hate chocolate as a whole.  In fact, chocolate is one of my weaknesses.  I can go days or even weeks without tasting a bit of chocolate and be fine, but once I have a piece I want to eat the entire package and more.  My problem is with certain types of chocolate.  Or moreover, chocolate in certain forms.  Chocolate milk, hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream are three things that I absolutely hate.  Don’t even bring up chocolate pudding… I hate pudding in general but chocolate pudding is like Devil spawn.

Some have called me a food snob because of my apprehensions for certain foods.  I am not big on the baked potato, I don’t like beef stroganoff at all and beef roast is even lower on my list.  I don’t like my sweet food and salty food touching (cookies and chips on the same plate? Nuh uh!)  I don’t like creamy things for the most part like pudding, cheese cake or whipped cream.  If these cause me to be a food snob then so be it.  The point is, I don’t like a lot of stuff when it comes to food and I am pretty picky.

While I am picky, I am also open-minded.  After all, how can you find out if you really hate something unless you try it again?  I used to hate Ranch dressing but at the age of 21 I had some (because it was all that there was) and it was delicious.  I used to NEVER eat potatoes that were baked or mashed but I will eat them now and enjoy mashed potatoes.  So because I know tastes can change, I decided to add some chocolate syrup to my protein shake this morning.

Boy was that a mistake.

I usually make a pretty hefty shake.  I want it to be something that fills me up so I tend to use 20 ounces of almond milk along with some ice.  I then throw in my ingredients (usually chocolate protein powder and Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal), blend it up into a smoothie and enjoy.  Because I decided to take the chance on some No Sugar Added syrup, I had to stand there and choke it down while gagging.  It tasted EXACTLY like I remember it tasting (which is hideous).  It was bad enough I almost decided to dump it out and just not have breakfast, but I didn’t want to waste it.  So I guzzled that bad boy, lurched a few times and ran out the door.

Sometimes reaffirmation is all it takes to keep you motivated.  Whether it is a food you hate and you decide to try it again just to see or if it is an exercise program you couldn’t accomplish before but decide to try again, reaffirmation is sometimes necessary because sometimes it will change the direction you are heading.

I tried to do the P90X workout in the past and couldn’t.  I know a lot of it had to do with my weight while some of it had to do with my forever-injured toe.  But after doing my new workout this morning I think I am ready to give it a try in the near future.  The workout I am doing I talked about a bit before.  It’s a Weider workout that is basically HIIT alternating from core to strength to cardio in quick succession.  It is a great workout and I plan on finishing it.  But once that is done, I think I am going to take the chance at P90X.

This may prove that I still am not ready for the program or I may surprise myself and do something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Reaffirmation can sometimes become change.


Breakfast – Protein shake (with terrible chocolate syrup)
Snacks – Granola and protein bars
Lunch – Chicken ‘n’ stuffing
Dinner – Chicken Caesar bake on potato
Dessert – Donuts


Week 1 of Weider X Factor ST

An hour+ of walking at work

4.65 miles on the treadmill mostly running/jogging

5 thoughts on “Day 246… Reaffirmation

  1. you don’t like roast beef???

    maybe you do it wrong in the US :-p

    I am sure I was going to say something about the rest of the post but I got stuck at you don’t like roast beef!!

    1. Haha, it’s possible. Maybe I need to try some roast beef from your neck of the woods. But no, I do not like it. I would rather eat a microwave pizza that tastes like cardboard.

      1. LOL, yeah. I enjoy my steak rare. Maybe that is similar to your roast beef, I’m not sure. I’m down with giving anything a try of course.

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