What do you do on a weekend when it is freezing cold outside, the air is horrible to breath, the rec center you use is closed and doing something at home doesn’t sound very exciting?  You be lazy.  At least that’s what I did this weekend.  I was on my feet plenty.  I ate under my calorie allowance and I didn’t do anything “bad” like eat a dozen donuts or something.  I enjoyed myself with my wife, ate some delicious food, enjoyed a good football game (go Broncos) and went shopping (boo!).

I know that I tend to make excuses for plenty of things.  But it really is tough to go workout when the weather outside is as terrible as it is.  I guess that is what happens when you get more dedicated.  You are willing to get up and do things even if the weather is terrible or your only options involve working out at home.  I suppose that means I am not quite as dedicated as I would like to be.

Is it really better that I at least recognize this about myself?  I am at least not delusional in thinking that I am doing “everything I can” to get healthier when in reality I am not.  First step of an addict is to recognize that you have an addiction, right?

But I need to get more dedicated.  I need to get up earlier to workout if I need to.  And if that means going to bed earlier, then I will have to do that.  I need to workout on the weekend even if the options aren’t the best.  And I need to keep it in my head that this is really what I want to do with my life… make a better me.

It’s amazing how many “starts” there are in these situations. You don’t just start your lifestyle change, you start multiple aspects throughout the process.

Here’s to hopefully starting another.

3 thoughts on “Day 244 & 245… The Weekend Leaveth

  1. when it is horrible out side and I can’t bring myself to go out for a run (which is less often than I even thought) and the gym is closed (which is rare) I do a bodyweight exercise circuit at home or use my kettlebells 😀

    a pyramid circuit of Squats, press ups and jumping jacks (or burpees if you are feeling crazy) will get you a long way first round do one of each, next round 2 of each right up to 10 or 15 of each 😀 pretty quick, pretty effective and much better than nothing 😀

    but yeay for eating sensibly 🙂

    1. Yeah, I am done with being a wiener because it is cold outside or the gym is closed (boo for Sunday). I am going to do something even if it is a walk outside in the cold, working out in my spare room or doing Just Dance. Gotta keep moving!

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