It’s been a while since I’ve been this happy to see the weekend coming. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the weekend every weekend, but this weekend is more welcome than normal.
I’ve talked about my weekends before, but I love what I get to do. I spend time with the kids – usually lunch or the amusement park or something – and then I get to go on a date with my wife.

Dates can be tough on the healthy lifestyle. Eating out isn’t the best as we all know. Such tasty and unhealthy food… Or salad. And we know how I feel about salad. But I tend to do a pretty good job of staying under my calorie goal even when eating out.

That all said, if you’re married you have got to find ways to go on dates with your spouse. It’s something most people stop doing when they get married. We’ve gone nearly every weekend since we got married Joe don’t plan on stopping. Sometimes dinner and a movie, sometimes some other things. But going out and spending time with your spouse makes your relationship healthier.

Speaking of that, losing weight with your significant other makes things so much easier, too. It’s a knot easier when you’re doing it for yourself but with someone who cares about you.

Ok. Enough mushy crap. Bring on the bacon!

I wish I had bacon.


Breakfast – Hash brown and egg casserole
Snacks – Granola and protein bars
Lunch – Hamburger patties and french fries
Dinner – Crockpot chicken and stuffing
Dessert – Protein shake


An hour+ of walking at work

2.3 miles on the elliptical
1.75 miles on the treadmill

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