(Sorry this is late…)

I’m probably not the only one who can say this about winter.  Or maybe it should be… I’m probably not the only one who uses this excuse.  But it is very true for me.  And I don’t just mean the months between December and March do this to me, I mean the actual “act” of winter (aka snow) makes me lazy.  Earlier this week it had been winter-like conditions including single digit temperatures.  That didn’t really slow me down.  I didn’t have the feeling that I wanted to do nothing but curl up in bed on those days.  But yesterday was hit with a snowstorm pretty much the entire day and as soon as I got home from work I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep.

Maybe there is some psychological thing inside of us, some primal urge that reminds us that when we were hunter-gatherers or neanderthals or pioneers that when winter storms were out, we were in.  The difference, of course, is that as one of those you spent the entire NON-winter-storm-time gathering wood, food and other necessities before you went in and were lazy.  But perhaps it’s just part of our natural instincts to want to stay inside and protect ourselves when it is snowing outside.

Or I’m lazy.

But I got it done anyway.  I grumbled about it for about 2 seconds and then I got up and did it.  I’ve just been sticking to the treadmills for now (still have not fallen off) but will probably pick up weight lifting over the next week or two.  Then I need to stick with it.

Someone took a picture of me from behind yesterday and I felt so ashamed.  I normally don’t necessarily care about the way I look but the fact that people have to look at me makes me sad for them.  I need to keep doing this and make the effort to change.  All the wishing in the world won’t do it for me.

Nor will it make it summer.


Breakfast – Hash brown, egg and cheese casserole
Snacks – Granola bars and Snickers Marathon bars
Lunch – Chicken patty sandwiches and salad
Dinner – Chicken stirfry
Dessert – Granola bar with peanut butter


An hour+ of walking at work

4.1 miles on the treadmill jogging/walking

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