I already confessed to screwing up over the holiday so there is no need for me to go into that.  I’m just going to go right along with picking up where I left off.

Monday is always a stinker and after having nearly 2 weeks away from work it is even worse.  Add on top of that the inability to sleep the night before and it makes it a glorious day to be at work.  I occassionally have trouble sleeping because my brain wants to keep going while my body wants to sleep… and my brain usually wins.  I sing songs, think about random things, daydream, argue with myself and all of the other things normal crazy people do.  I did this last night until sometime after midnight and then work up at 4 and promptly reset my alarm for another 40 minutes of sleep.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen again tonight.


Breakfast – Hash brown, egg and cheese casserole
Snacks – Granola bar and Snickers Marathon bars
Lunch – Pizza!
Dinner – Chicken panini on rye with chips


An hour+ of walking at work

4 miles on the treadmill walking/jogging

3 thoughts on “Day 239… The New Year Day 1

  1. when I say like…I mean I like the bit where you manages to do 4 miles of jogging despite lack of sleep…I don’t like the lack of sleep bit!
    I don’t sleep well so I know it is awful!

    1. I would have figured 😀

      The lack of sleep thing happens every now and then. I wish I could get rid of it, but it just happens. The good thing is that the next night or two I usually sleep really well.

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