Weider X-Factor ST

Our local K-Mart went out of business not too long ago.  I wasn’t too heart broken because I rarely ever stepped foot into any K-Mart let alone this specific one.  The timing was nice, however, as it was just before school started so we got some decent deals on school clothing.  I still think that we could have spent less just buying “regular” clothes at Walmart, but that’s a different story.

While there, we checked out the Sporting Goods section and I found a box set that included DVDs and rotating pushup grips.  It was on sale and I figured I’d get it and maybe sell it.  I’m not big on doing workout DVDs (though I have in the past) so I thought I could turn around and make some money off of it.

Of course, that meant that it was sitting in a room for about 5 months gathering dust.  I never sold it nor did I ever use it.  It just sat there looking pretty.

Thanks to this cold, it got used.

The gym is too crowded, the outside is too frigid and there aren’t many other options.  I figured I’d give it a try and see how well it worked.  I will say it was a pretty decent workout which made me sweat, made me swear and made my heart beat rise.  It was a lot like the 30 Day Shred but without Jillian Michaels (that is always a plus).

I can’t really say I enjoyed it and I won’t know how well it worked until tomorrow and in the future, but it wasn’t the worst workout I’ve ever done.  Better than freezing or fighting over weights.  I know that weight lifting is still important but at least this way I am doing some resistance training along with cardio and plyometrics.

I might try and find a way to use the gym at my work instead of the gym at the Rec Center, but that all depends on various factors that I will deal with later.

So maybe in the future I will crack open things I buy when I buy them instead of letting them sit and grown mold.  Or I will sell them as I had planned.  I could always counterfeit them and sell them on the internet, which would be ironic considering my job, but I would never do that.



Breakfast – Corn Dogs
Snacks – Granola bars
Lunch – Pizza and chicken
Dinner – Pork chops and mashed potatoes with corn
Dessert – Donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

Day 1/week 1 of X Factor ST

One thought on “Day 215… Workin’ It From Home

  1. hi 🙂
    I have missed so much of your blog!!
    It got unfollowed and I have no idea how!! I didn’t do it deliberately…sorry!
    It happened with a couple of blogs I follow and I have no idea how!

    work out videos (er sorry dvds 😉 ) are a good alternative to going out sometimes 😀

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