So the whole wake-up-early-and-exercise thing isn’t working nearly as well as I wanted. My problem is that I am not a morning person at all. I spent about 8 years or so working on the graveyard shift and only moved to the day shift late last year. I hate waking up, I hate the sun and that all rolled together makes mornings suck.

So I got up twice this week to exercise in the morning but failed to do it twice. I want to exercise, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to wake up even earlier than I already do. Maybe it’s because it is so cold outside and I don’t feel like running in 4 degree weather so I am stuck doing workout videos or something.

Maybe I’ll get more into it, or maybe I’ll let the winter bring me down. I’m still going to workout after work, but the morning may not happen at this point.

Today was incredibly slow and boring. Didn’t want to be at work but pushed through the boredom.  Worked out with my wife and then had dinner and watched the Broncos game. I have no idea what the outcome was since I went to bed after Manning threw his interception.

I gotta get up early.


Breakfast – Cheesy potatoes and eggs
Snacks – Granola and protein bars
Lunch – Pizza and chicken
Dinner – Hamburgers and fries
Dessert – Donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

4 miles on the treadmill

One thought on “Day 214… Mornings Suck

  1. I both love and hate morning workouts!!

    it is sooo hard to get up at 5:30 but once I have worked out I am so pleased…now it is winter I can only manage it if I am meeting my PT!

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