Many things in life are taken for granted.  One of the things that I really feel is taken for granted is the ability to see.  I know blind people go through it everyday, but could you imagine at this point in your life not being able to see?  What if you woke up tomorrow morning and couldn’t see your loved ones?  What if you had to quit your job, your hobbies, pretty much everything you love to do because you were no longer able to see what you were doing?  It’s pretty heavy to think about.

So that’s why I am going to have laser beams shot into my eyes.

I’ve wanted to have LASIK for as long as I can remember.  Well, at least as long as I can remember LASIK being a mainstream idea.  The problem was always the price tag.  Let’s not get anything confused; I am not rich nor have I fallen into any money or anything like that.  I have simply procured a way to get it done.  And so I am.

I went through the consultation with one of the best in the business at Hoopes Vision.  I was told I’m a perfect candidate, the chances of me getting 20/20 vision is 94.5% (this ranges up to 100% chance of getting 20/40 vision) and my cornea’s are very thick (that’s what she said).

So next week I’ll be going through this just in time for Christmas.  Hopefully my Christmas vacation will be slightly easier because I don’t have to deal with glasses or contacts.

I – myself – am very excited.

Other than that, Wednesday was quite boring.  Work wasn’t the busiest nor the most exciting, the gym was short-lived due to me having the consultation and the last couple episodes of 24 weren’t the most exciting for me.  I got to be with my lovely wife, of course, so that always helps make things better.


Breakfast – Breakfast sandwich
Snacks – Granola and protein bars
Lunch – Turkey burger with fries
Dinner – Steak and cheese potatoes
Dessert – Donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

Weight Lifting Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Curls  – –  8×25 lbs/hand  6×30 lbs/hand  4×35 lbs/hand  2×40 lbs/hand
Hammer Curls  – –  8×30 lbs/hand  6×35 lbs/hand  4×40 lbs/hand  2×45 lbs/hand
Tricep Extensions  – –  8×100 lbs  6×110 lbs  4×110 lbs  2×120 lbs
Tricep Pulldowns  – –  8×100 lbs  6×110 lbs  4×110 lbs  2×120 lbs
Skullcrushers  – –  8×40 lbs  6×45 lbs  4×50 lbs  2×65 lbs
Modular Arm Curls  – –  8×40 lbs  6×50 lbs  4×60 lbs  2×60 lbs
Extra Workouts Crunches Sit Ups Planking Walking
 24  8  16 sec.    –  –  –

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