Lazy winter days

Is it technically winter yet?  I could have sworn that stuff officially happens in the middle of December but I’ve never paid that much attention.  I live in Utah where it snows in July and you can walk around in shorts in winter.

Either way, it was the last of my lazy days.  I actually kind of felt bad for not doing a whole lot this past week.  I feel fatter than ever even though I know I’m not.  I feel like my legs are angry at me for neglecting them and are going to go on strike this coming week when I try to use them again.  And as delicious as the food was that I ate, I can tell my body did not appreciate what I was doing to it.  But that’s all over now!

Or is it.

I set my alarm for 4 AM like I normally would have done before last week.  I wanted to get up and exercise and start the week out right.  I wanted to start off burning some calories before I went to my job where I stood/sat around for 8 hours.  But it didn’t happen.  I shut my alarm off and went back to sleep until I had to get up to go to work.  Did I feel any better?  Not really.  I don’t think the extra 40 minutes of sleep really do me any good.

I am still going to do my walking for the day at work, still going to hit up the gym and start weight lifting again now that the steps challenge is over, and still track my food and make sure I am eating at a deficit… but being lazy first thing on Monday morning didn’t really get me started in a motivated fashion.  Hopefully the rest of the week isn’t like this.  Although working out on Tuesday and Wednesday will be tough because I have some meetings and appointments I have to get to.

Why can’t life be more streamlined?

In other news, my fantasy team did horribly and unless Josh McCown and Jason Witten do some crazy things tonight, my second fantasy team will be out of championship contention.  There wasn’t much I could have changed to make it better as my opponent just had some really big plays, but at least my first team is still in it.

And the Broncos won.  They didn’t just win, they won in 2013 Broncos fashion by scoring 50+ points.  In the freezing cold.  My favorite thing about this game (aside from the win)?  Manning’s press conference at the end of the game where he told people who were saying he couldn’t play in the cold to “shove that one where the sun don’t shine.”  Manning may not be Manning-esque in the cold, but what quarterback is consistently amazing when the temperature is below freezing?  Manning proved that he can play in the cold and I am excited to see them in the playoffs.

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