The Long Walk

Only I was more abusive this time.

This all stems back to the “steps” challenge that is happening at my job.  It also ties in with the fact that I am – as I told my wife – a competitive douchebag.  The guy who is winning the challenge at work is winning everything.  He will win the most steps and his team will win the highest average as a team.  After my 20+ mile day last weekend I thought that I would have won the most steps in one day award.  However, I found out the guy who is winning decided to walk to work (19 miles) and then after work to a local mall (9 miles).  So at that point, this guy had every prize locked in and I just couldn’t have that.  So I wanted to try and walk 35 miles to beat this guy.

Unfortunately, my body isn’t built for that.

The above image isn’t completely correct because my Runkeeper app died before I actually finished, but I was at 25.8 miles when it did.  I probably went about another mile or so before my wife ended up picking me up.  That is all that I could do.  I “only” had 9 miles or so left but I just couldn’t do it.  My joints were hurting, my feet were in pain and one was starting to blister.  I wanted to finish but it just wasn’t going to happen this time.

But the steps challenge is over and I can return to normal.  I plan on taking some time off from working out to let my body recover.  Monday will probably be the laziest day I’ve ever been involved in but there isn’t much I can do when I can barely move my legs.

The rest of the weekend was great.  I had a nice date with my wife and was able to relax a little bit.  Saturday I got up to do a 5K and learned a lesson about assuming things.  Just because someone is doing a fundraiser for cancer and put “Run/Walk” on their advertisement doesn’t mean it is a 5K.  I supported someone I didn’t know so that’s good, but I was hoping to do a 5K Saturday morning.  I suppose it is a good thing I didn’t or my legs may have fallen off.

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