New ShoesSo the shoes I currently use to run and walk in were purchased online.  This – I know – is not the best way to do things.  But it is the cheap and easy way.  These shoes are not the worst shoes in the world, but they are slightly too tight, not quite cushioned enough for my liking (I am not a minimalist runner, I like some padding) and just don’t fit quite right.  But I’ve been wearing them for 8 months straight and put probably more than 300 miles on these shoes from walking and running, plus time at the gym.  So I decided that it was time to find some new shoes.  And what is the best way to get me to check out your store?

Give me “free” money.

I use the term “free” loosely as this money came from purchasing entry to a 5K race to benefit autism.  They included some money on Wing Cash which is essentially a way to pay virtually.  Part of the money they gave me included $15 to Utah Run.  I decided to take my wife there and check out what they had.  I was expecting to walk in and walk out the same way; with $15 in Wing Cash that I would probably never use.  But instead, I walked out with a great experience and some new products.

First of all, Aaron was the guy that helped us out and was probably the best salesman in the world.  Why?  Because he didn’t try to sell me anything.  He simply answered my questions and went above-and-beyond to show me what he thought I needed to know.  I told him I started running more lately and being heavier made my feet hurt so I wanted something with more cushion.  He asked if I ever had a gait test and promptly put me on a treadmill with a camera recording my feet.  After showing me what I did in slow motion, he knew what was best for me and went to get it.

At this point I figured he would come back with some $160 shoes and say that I “must have these.”  But instead, he asked what size I was and immediately went to the clearance rack which were 50% off.  He grabbed three boxes of shoes and had me try them on, telling me that one had more support than the other but was more stiff while the other was more “squishy.”  I tried them on, ran on the treadmill and debated while my wife talked to him about her foot pains.

In the end, without trying to force anything on us, Aaron had us walking out the door with a new pair of shoes, a compression sleeve for plantar fasciitis and a FlipBelt.



This is an item I have been looking for but haven’t been able to find.  It is essentially some comfortable elastic that has pouches slit into it. You tuck your phone, keys, money or whatever else inside and “flip” it inside out so they won’t fall out.  Then you go running.  I tried it on and checked it out and it seems amazing.  I am sure some of you smarter people who are innovative can find a way to get material and make your own, but this is exactly what I needed.

All-in-all it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a store, especially a specialty store.  Maybe it was just that Aaron was so awesome.  Maybe it was that the store in general only hires that kind of people.  I guess I will find out soon enough because I plan on going back in the future.


Breakfast – Breakfast sandwhiches
Snacks – Granola bars and Daylight Donuts
Lunch – Chicken marinara bake
Dinner – Pizza


A 1.65 mile walk in the morning

An hour+ of walking at work

A 3.1 mile walk with my wife in the afternoon

One thought on “Day 199… Utah Run

  1. Running shop sales people seem quite intent on finding the best shoes for you which is good 🙂 it was the same when I got mine, only because of my flat feet and over pronation I only had the choice of two shoes the first time and the second he said I should get an updated pair of the ones I had.
    The most interesting thing I learned was that running shoes should be a size bigger than normal so you don’t hurt your toes…which is why my running shoes / gym shoes and hiking boots are all a size 6 when I really take a 4.5 (uk sizes)
    on saying that I will probably shop online now as I have had the same type of shoes twice in a row I can just buy the same type…

    that was a longer answer than I anticipated…

    what I meant was yeay for new well fitting shoes and that belt thingie looks cool 🙂

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