Not every day in November is like today.  It’s Utah, the state where it snows in July and can reach the 70s in the winter.  The state where it will be raining on one street and boiling hot on the next.  The place where you have to check the weather as you leave the house, leave the car, and leave work because it can change drastically in between.

But Tuesday was a nice day.  It was downright freezing this morning when I left for work.  Bad enough that I had ice on my windshield instead of the normal bit of frost.  But by the time lunchtime came around it was a nice, cool afternoon with only a slight breeze to cut through the perfection.  Had the breeze not existed, it probably would have been the best day of the year (temperature-wise).  But my work decided to build their new facility in the middle of a jet stream, so there is always some sort of breeze whether it is freezing, blistering winds or hot bursts simply helping cook you in the summer.

My friend and I have been walking inside the building most of the month simply because it is too cold with the wind.  Even our first two breaks we took inside because we were expecting it to be chilly.  But at lunch it was sunny and the plants outside were not yet lying horizontally from the wind, s0 we decided to hit the old pavement.

Of course, after work when my wife and I went on our walk the sun was creeping down, hiding behind buildings, and not being very useful.  It was quite a bit cooler but still not the worst thing to enjoy.

I am going to be sad when the weather and temperature get so bad that it isn’t going to be enjoyable to be outside anymore.  It probably won’t stop me.  If I want to keep running and working towards a marathon I am going to have to deal with the weather.  But it certainly won’t be as awesome as it was today.

Oh, by the way… yes, I work at eBay.  No, I can’t get you any discounts.


Breakfast – Breakfast sandiwhces
Snacks – Protein bars, cookie and peanut butter M&Ms
Lunch – Stuffed peppers
Snack – Hamburger
Dinner – Chicken marinara bake
Dessert – A donut


An hour+ of walking at work

A 3.2 mile walk with my wife

2 thoughts on “Day 198… What a Bee-u-tiful Day

  1. I love walking outside whatever the weather, no excuses. In saying that, we probably don’t get the same winds as you. 😉

    1. Haha, probably not. Thankfully I bought some thermal compression clothes and they work well. Not on my face, but it’ll have to do.

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