I mentioned that I had something planned for Sunday and the plan was followed to a “T”.  Well, maybe not even to a “T” because I actually added to it.  But the plan was followed close enough for me to say that it worked out as planned.

I had taken a couple of days off for the most part and actually kind of felt bad about it.  I know you need to relax and rest every now and then, but when I do I feel like I am missing out on doing things I could be doing.  So Sunday I decided to continue the abuse or punishment of my body in full force.

I walked 20 miles.

Yes, you read that (and the title) correctly.  I used my feet and walked 20 miles.

Now, to be fair I didn’t walk 20 miles all at once.  I actually only walked 17.56 miles all at once, then I went shopping and had lunch, then my wife and I went on a 3.1 mile walk.

Why did I do this?  Maybe it’s because I’m crazy?  A couple of weeks ago I had talked about walking to my friend’s house which is about 31 miles from mine.  I squashed that for the time being but I still wanted to do something like that.  So on Thursday I told my wife I wanted to wake up early on Sunday and just start walking.  So that’s what I did.

I started at my house and walked/jogged to my sister-in-law’s house which is about 4 towns over.  She pulled up in the driveway as I was sitting on her porch and it was a pretty awesome reaction when she me sitting there with no vehicle around.  I told her that I went on an adventure and I was just waiting for my wife to pick me up.

So after putting all those miles on my feet, I went home and had dinner with my family and watched the Broncos lose a 24-0 lead to the Patriots.  I will admit that the Patriots are not the worst team to lose to, but when you’re up by 24 points at halftime and you end up losing, something is wrong.

At least both of my fantasy teams are winning, right?

3 thoughts on “Day 196… I Walked 20 Miles

  1. I love this 🙂 especially the adventure bit 🙂

    I might do this next time I have a day to spare, at the moment I am flat out fitting workouts in between stuff but this sounds like an awesome thing to do 😀

    1. It was actually quite fun and not nearly as boring as I was worried it would be. It might be nice to start outside of town and go up a mountain or into a canyon or something outside of the city, but even walking through the city was nice. I got to pay attention to things I normally see whiz by. If you ever do get a chance, give it a go!

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