So it seems a lot of my posts lately have been bitching about how much pain I’m in.  Well, this one is not going to be much different.  After learning how to properly run, I don’t know when I am going to be able to do it again.  My calves and (mainly) my shins feel like they haven’t been used in years.  How can I use my muscles so differently to cause this much aching?  You would think my calves and shins would get enough of a workout with my running and weight training, but I guess they don’t get nearly enough.

Now that the bitching about the pain is done, how about bitching about the neighbor and how we have to fix the ceiling ourselves?  Or I can bitch about how cold it is?  How slow this week has been?  How bad my fantasy team is doing?

Or maybe I can talk about how good I’ve been feeling lately.  I may or may not have lost any weight since I weighed in early November, but I am feeling really good.  I can’t physically see anything different, but I never could.  Maybe it’s time to take another picture and compare to 7 months ago.

I could also talk about how delicious something as simple as chicken salad is.  Chicken, salad and ranch dressing.  Boom!  Delicious dinner.  It’s so easy yet so yummy.  Of course it is not the most filling food but it is a pretty darn good meal.

Now if only this weekend would get closer.  It is inching bit by bit but not getting here nearly fast enough.  Sometimes I wish for a time machine.  And not always to go back in time.  Sometimes forward is just as good.

But the present is pretty damn awesome, too.


Breakfast – Breakfast sandwiches
Snacks – Granola bars
Lunch – Sausage tacos
Dinner – Chicken salad
Dessert – Donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

A 1 mile walk after work

2 thoughts on “Day 193… Holy Shins!

  1. I can’t remember if I already commented in this…
    Sorry your calves/shins hurt! I think this happens when you change your foot strike but I believe it gets better, just keep stretching your calves and rollering them if you have a foam roller! I also recommend compressions socks / calf sleeves, they look silly but really really help me, my calves were always tight and painful until I got some, they really help with recovery too!

    1. Thanks for the tips! I have some compression pants and shirts I bought and they are wonderful. I’m hoping after a week or two of this running I can get used to it and not have so many off days.

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