The more I run, the more I ache.  The more I ache, the more I want to run.  It seems like a strange series of events, but it is true.  I ran over 6 miles on Monday plus all of my usual walking and it certainly made my muscles ache.  But on Tuesday when I woke up and hobbled out of bed, it didn’t deter me.  It made me want to do more.

Perhaps I’m one of those people who like pain.  I do have tattoos, I did play many, many sports when I was growing up and I continue to “torture” myself with running despite my body sort of telling me to stop, my toe that I am pretty sure will NEVER heal, my bone spur that developed during the Dirty Dash and numerous other things.  But at the same time, I hate clipping my nails too short because it hurts, plucking nose hair is worse than hitting my finger with a hammer, and a good headache can take me out of the game completely.

Maybe it is certain types of pain.  Maybe it really isn’t pain.  Maybe it is just a good ache that tells me, “Hey, you’re doing some good stuff here, I’m going to be sore because I am getting stronger.  You just keep doing what you’re doing.  If it hurts too bad I’ll simply snap and make you scream and make it so you can’t move.  But until then, go for it!”

Tuesday was a nice day to wake up to.  It wasn’t too cold when I was out for my morning jog, though the day was far too cold and windy to enjoy during my breaks and lunches.  My friend and I simply walked up and down the halls of the building during our breaks.  Not quite as exciting as being outside, but it is better than hurricane eBay trying to take us away to Oz.

I also decided to cut my hair again.  I started growing it for my own tribute to Mustache Movember (since I refused to shave my face in order to grow a mustache) but it is getting too ugly.  I have a bald spot in the worst spot and it didn’t get any less since I started shaving my head years ago.  So Tuesday was also the death of what hopes I had of having a full head of luxurious hair.

R.I.P. my fuzz.  R.I.P.


Breakfast – Breakfast sandwiches
Snacks – Protein and granola bars
Lunch – Pizza
Dinner – Green Bean Spagehtti
Dessert – Donuts


A 2.04 miles jog in the morning

An hour+ of walking at work

A 3.43 mile walk after work with my wife

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