If you ask my wife I am the person who jumps out of bed at the sound of my alarm and starts getting ready.  But Monday morning was just that; Monday.

I had no desire to get up and run let alone get up and go to work.  I know part of the problem is that the Denver vs. Kansas City game was the Sunday night game (Denver also plays this coming Sunday night) and that made me stay up later which made me get not nearly enough sleep.  So it’s Kansas City’s fault, obviously.

So when my alarm went off at 4 AM I simply shut it off, set it for my normal time and crawled back into bed.  I am not dilusional in believing that the extra 40 minutes of sleep is actually going to do me any good, but I am pretty sure if I had stepped out into the world to run, jog or walk that morning I was going to wake up in a different state or country or something.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt THAT tired.

But me wanting to get a few extra winks doesn’t mean I was lazy.  Oh no.  I still was on my feet almost the entire day, still walked for more than an hour at work and then still worked out with my wife.  In fact, it was such a non-lazy day that I actually did a 10K.

Now keep in mind that I did not run/jog the whole thing.  I started out doing C25K with my wife but once we got a couple of blocks from our house I continued straight instead of turning.  At that point, I finished the last 3.4 miles or so jogging and then did a couple more blocks of walking to cool down.  All-in-all I ended up doing nearly 6.5 miles in just under 1.5 hours.  Not too shabby!  I feel that I am ready for a 10K even earlier than I thought.

Now if only Denver wouldn’t play those pesky night games…


Breakfast – Homemade breakfast sandwiches
Snacks – Granola bars
Lunch – Turkey sandwiches
Dinner – Pizza
Dessert – Candy corn and donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

6.42 miles walking/jogging

4 thoughts on “Day 190… A 10K

    1. I plan on it! I was going to wait until next spring but if one comes up soon that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, I may give it a go 😀

      1. Hehe, yeah. My dad tried to call me 3 times yesterday but I was out running. He said, “You really are addicted, aren’t you?”

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