Saturday was the big day I was talking about all week.  In case you missed it, I had a race.  And boy was it cold.  I believe it was close to 33 degrees (if not colder) and the snow decided to start falling.  Did that deter me?  No it didn’t.  My wife and I and many of our co-workers were still out there supporting men’s junk.

I did quite well, beating my best time by 38 seconds even with my sore thighs.  My wife did even better, beating her best time by around 3 minutes.

She must really want to support my testicles.

Sunday was a totally different day.  It was a lazy day.  Other than shopping and going out to shoot my new gun, not much else was done.  I complained about fantasy football, went to dinner at my family’s house and then watched the Broncos play the Chiefs for the ultimate bragging rights of being the best team in football.

While the Broncos did not score as many points as I would like, and Manning didn’t throw enough touchdown passes to help my fantasy team, they won.  You can’t expect too much when going up against the top rated defense in the league.  But Denver won quite handily, I even think that Denver’s defense outplayed Kansas City’s defense.  Either way, they are officially the top of the AFC West, top of the AFC and will be rated #1 in most power rankings.

The next two weeks will be quite exciting indeed.

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