Isn’t Friday meant to be the relaxing day?  Even at work it seems to be a bit slower, a bit duller, a bit more energetic than any other day of the week.  Shouldn’t after work be the same?  I shouldn’t be expecting to be out and about all afternoon long on Friday, I should be relaxing on a beach with a beer and my wife beside me.  Or at least relaxing at home with my wife beside me.

But not this Friday.  It was full of shopping and prepping and selling things.  Stores and packets and meetings.  Full of far too many things to make it feel like Friday.

It almost felt like Tuesday.

At least I have the pleasure of knowing that Saturday is just around the corner.  Saturday that includes a race and a date with my beautiful wife.  Sometimes looking forward makes things easier than looking back or at the present.

Speaking of presents, I need to do my Christmas shopping.


Breakfast – Spinach lasagna
Snacks – Granola and protein bars
Lunch – Spinach lasagna
Dinner – Meatloaf with cheese and green beans
Dessert – Fig Newtons


A 1.13 mile walk in the morning

An hour+ of walking at work

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