It seems to be something that slips my mind quite often.  Weight lifting causes your muscles to be sore, this I know.  But what I forget are the particular muscles that get sore and how sore they can actually be.

I started doing the Stronglifts program again on Tuesday (which I will not be doing the rest of this week) and felt wonderful on Tuesday.  There were no issues that day and I thought that Wednesday would be like any other.

Boy was I wrong.

Wednesday morning was nothing like I was hoping for.  I wanted to get up dark and early and do my run with no issues but instead I ended up cursing myself the whole way as my glutes and quads were telling me to go back to bed.  At work while going up and down the stairs and on my walks I wanted to turn around and take the elevator.  And when my wife and I did our jog in the afternoon I thought I was going to fall apart.  But I made it…

However, as I said earlier, I will probably not be doing Stronglifts again this week and I may not even lift at all.  Why?  Because I am sore enough to think that way!  And I have a race on Saturday.  While it may not be the most important thing in the world I don’t want to do poorly because I am too sore to run.

The rest of Wednesday was a treat.  We spent an hour at the school talking to one of the teachers over behavior issues, then went to dinner, then I took my son out bowling and for ice cream.  So it was only partially a treat.  The school part was not a treat.  I was joking.  Being facetious. Kidding.



Breakfast – Breakfast Sandwiches
Snacks – Donut and granola bars
Lunch – Chicken and 7 layer dip
Dinner – Chicken nuggets and fries
Dessert – More donuts!


A 1.56 mile morning run

An hour+ of walking at work

A 1.92 mile run with my wife doing C25K

3 thoughts on “Day 185… I Forgot About THOSE Muscles

  1. oh, but don’t you love that ache though 🙂

    It is a good pain! y

    yes I am one of those…sorry *looks slightly embarrassed*

    I am sure I won’t feel the same after my first gymnastics class tonight when I am unable to move for a week!

    also I have just started doing the stronglifts program too 🙂 it is awesome!

    1. Have fun with your gymnastics. Yeah, stronglifts is a great program. My legs are still sore today and my race is tomorrow, so that’s the only reason it’s not a good ache 😛

      1. yes, I can understand that 🙂 I am sure they will be fine for your race, you have done so much running 😀

        gymnastics was a fail…they cancelled the class and we didn’t know until we arrived 😦 will try again next week 😀

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