Friday was a great day.  Not only was it Friday, but it was movie day.  Not only was it movie day, but it was get-paid-to-watch-movie day.  Not only was it get-paid-to-watch-movie day, but it was get-paid-to-watch-Ender’s-Game-Day.  In rare form, my job decided to do something short of an ice cream social in the work building or lunch during a meeting and actually took us out to a theater, took us to a VIP lounge and let us enjoy a movie along with all you could eat candy, popcorn and soda.  These things, of course, are not high on my list of things to eat, but they were there.  It was a very pleasant afternoon after a very long year of work.

I know I already posted about Friday, but it was mostly about my running so I figured I’d dump in the rest of the day.

Saturday and Sunday were great as usual as I got to spend lots of time with my wife, some time with the kids and talked to my girls on the phone quite a bit.  I also got to go on a date with my lovely wife who took me to a movie (Captain Phillips, which was great) and to my favorite burger place (Five Guys, try it if you haven’t).  Sunday was our shopping day and that was rather easy.  And both days consisted of a nice walk even though it was cold.

Now onto Monday…

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