So I know I haven’t posted on Friday lately, but I figured I probably should because 1) I don’t get the opportunity to post my accomplishments for Friday if I don’t and 2) I have an accomplishment for Friday.  It’s not as great of an accomplishment as The Midsummer Project getting 90 followers, but it was a big deal for me.

Normally I have some sort of goal in mind when it comes to running.  I have a set distance or I have a set time, but today I just decided to go.  And go I did.  I put my shoes on, plugged my headphones in, turned the volume up to 11 and started running.  I didn’t go the same route I usually go.  In fact, I went a way I’ve never gone before.  I didn’t know where I would end up or how long it would take me, I just let my feet move and kept my mind on anything except running.  I didn’t worry about where I was or how long I was out there.

I finally took notice when I saw that the street signs said I was in a neighboring city.  I then decided that at the next intersection where I had to choose between going left or right (instead of straight) I would turn around.  Not too long after making this decision just such an intersection arrived.  I turned and started heading back the way I came.

I got home 1 hour and 3 minutes after I left.  After I showered, changed and let my feet rest for a bit, my wife and I drove the route that I went and found out that I had gone 5.4 miles.  Now I’ve gone this far before, but the difference was that I was by myself, not on a treadmill that regulated me and not in front of a television to keep me company.  I just ran and let the road tell me where to go.

I was talking to my wife a few days ago about how I needed to start training to do a 10K.  Being merely 0.8 miles short of such an achievement is a pretty good goal.  And to think that when I do it in a group setting I am more competitive.  I am pretty sure I could line up right now and finish a 10K in about an hour or even faster.

Unfortunately, that 10K probably won’t happen until next year.  And when it does, I’ll be more than ready.


Breakfast – Homemade Egg McMuffins
Snacks – Protein and granola bars
Lunch – Chicken strips and fries
Snacks – Popcorn and Snickers
Dinner – Turkey Paninis
Dessert – Kit Kat


An hour of walking at work

5.4 miles of pure running/jogging

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