So I took my advice and those of comments and decided to live on the edge a little on Thursday.  It was – after all – Halloween.  So how did I go about living on the edge?  Did I walk a tightrope?  Did I drive with a blindfold on?  Did I wrestle an alligator wearing a tu-tu (the alligator, not me)?  No, I left my UTA Frontrunner pass at home.

I’ll wait for you to catch your breath.

That’s right.  When I left for work that morning I decided not only to leave my pass at home, but my entire wallet.  Who needs a license or permits?  Who needs cash or identification?  I am living on the edge!  I get to the train station and just walk onto that train.  Who’s gonna stop me?  That UTA usher wearing a chicken costume?  I don’t think so.  She just commented on my new book I was reading and walked away.  That’s right.

Then on the return trip I do it again.  Bypass the system and just walk onto the train, stickin’ it to the man!  There is a different person sitting in the front row of the train as I walk in.  He’s wearing a different colored vest and is holding an iPad.  Is THIS the random guy who is going to ask me to show him my pass or ticket?  I walk up to the second level and find a seat in the middle, attempting to blend into the crowd.  I scoot into my seat and pull out my book, keeping my headphones on and my head down.  I feel that I have accomplished my goal!  Until I see a yellow-vested man standing in front of me holding an iPad.  This must be it.  This is the end.

This is where UTA discovers my transgression.

I look up innocently at the man, my puppy-dog eyes forming, my brows raising up in a quizzical look.  I reach up and pluck the plugs from my ears as loud, boisterous music streams into the car.

“Yes?” I say with the voice of an 11 year old boy who has chocolate on his face and cookie crumbs on his pajamas.

The man stares at me like only a hardened UTA usher could.  He swings the iPad in front of him like a loaded weapon, aiming it at my torso, waiting for me to provide the answer he wants but I dread.  Waiting for me to admit my atrocity so he can exact his vengeance!

“We’re doing a survey,” the man says.  “Where do you get off of the train?”

Flustered at the near blow, I answer him with an “uh” and finally spit it out.  He thanks me and walks away, withdrawing his electronic device from lethal status.

I breath in victoriously, reading my book until my stop and retreat from the bowels of UTA, having lived directly on the edge.


Breakfast – Homemade Egg McMuffin
Snack – Granola Bar, pumpkin spice cake, chocolate cream pie and a peanut butter banana cookie
Lunch – Grean Bean Spaghetti and garlic bread
Dinner – Chicken sandwich and chicken strips
Dessert – A single donut


An hour+ of walking at work

5×6 Circuit Training Sets 1-3 Sets 4-5
Barbell Curls – – 55 lbs 55 lbs
Wrist Curls – – 80 lbs 75 lbs
Skullcrushers – – 50 lbs 50 lbs
Hammer Curls – – 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand
Concentartion Curls – – 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Dumbbell Curls – – 30 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Tricep Extensions – – 90 lbs 90 lbs
Tricep Pulldowns – – 90 lbs 90 lbs
Reverse Barbell Curls – – 50 lbs 50 lbs
Increasing Sets Sets 1-2 Sets 3-4 Set 5
Close Grip Lat Pulldowns – – 6×90 lbs 4×100 lbs 2×110 lbs
Heavy Curl Jerks – – 6×40 lbs 4×50 lbs 2×65 lbs
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions – – 6×12 lbs/hand 4×15 lbs/hand 2×20 lbs/hand
Other Exercises
Bicycle Crunches – – 3×10 Reps
Jabs/Uppercuts – – 3×20 Seconds

4 thoughts on “Day 172… Livin’ on the Edge

  1. Livin’ on the edge
    You can’t help yourself from fallin’
    Livin’ on the edge
    You can’t help yourself at all
    Livin’ on the edge
    You can’t stop yourself from fallin’
    Livin’ on the edge

    that deserved a little aerosmith…I was going to put in the whole song…but I will save that for next time :-p

    the question is…did you leave your wallet at home on purpose?

    also…great story 😀 I will never underestimate the weapon potential of an iPad!

    1. Yeah, I – of course – thought of that song when I made the title.

      No, unfortunately I did not leave my wallet home on purpose, it was an accident, but it made for a good story!

  2. Great story, your braver than your old mother, I would have walked back and got my pass. I love the threat of the iPad. New world weapon,

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