Although this time it isn’t even mine.

My wife (as I may have mentioned before) also has a history of back pain.  She went so far as to have back surgery to remove a ruptured disc.  Unfortunately, this does not cure all of the pain that the back can be in so she still has to go through it sometimes.  Wednesday was one of those days.  And not only does it limit her activity for the day, it takes away my favorite exercise partner in the process.

I still did what I needed to do.  I ran and jogged and walked and took care of business, but it certainly isn’t the same without someone there pushing me verbally or mentally along.   Here’s hoping her back issues go away soon and she can continue to do what she needs to do to take care of herself.

Other than that, it was another typical day.   walked at work, did my work, exercised after work, ate dinner and watched some TV.  Nothing super exciting seems to happen to me.  Maybe I need to live on the edge more often.

Or not.


Breakfast – Turkey Sandwich on Rye
Snacks – Protein bar and granola bar
Lunch – Sorta-Chicken Pot Pie and Crescents
Dinner – Green Bean Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Dessert – Donuts!


An hour+ of walking at work

3.1 miles of running, jogging and walking

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