This weekend was full of them.  I wish I had a way to know exactly how many miles I have traveled lately as it sure seems to be a lot.

This weekend in particular my wife and I did a 5K on top of all the exercise we are doing.  We walked 3.2 miles on both Friday and Sunday, ran 3.1 miles on Saturday and then did our normal shopping and wandering around aimlessly routine.  We put a good 9.5 miles on our shoes at the very least!

My wife did an excellent job at the American Fork Halloween Fun Run 5K and completed it in about 43 minutes, a full 6 minutes faster than she has done it before!  I did fairly well myself and finished in 30 minutes, 2nd place out of men in my age group and 34th overall out of about 200.  I was able to run the whole thing without stopping yet again even though there were plenty of hills in this race.  That is probably what slowed me down as I was hoping to beat my previous time.  But I still feel really good about it.

My wife and I are still working to train her to do the 5Ks and we are starting week 2 this week.  Our next race is going to be November 16th and will probably be the last one of the year for us as I am not much for snow, and running in snow sounds even worse.

Other than all of the running, we had a nice dinner for my father-in-law’s birthday, a lunch out on Saturday with the family and a weekend with the kids being away from the house.  The Broncos won, one of my fantasy football teams won (the other I have to wait until tonight) and Sunday marked 1 year since I asked my wife to marry me.  Thankfully she said yes and here I am today.

Not sure if she is quite as happy 😉

5 thoughts on “Day 166, 167 & 168… So Many Miles Traveled

    1. Thank you! Was hoping to do better than my first race, but this one had a lot more up-hill running than the first one did so I don’t feel too bad about coming in about 20 seconds slower.

      1. with more up hill, 20s slower is really good 🙂

        I just did my second one and came in 2 mins slower, which I put down to 25mph winds and torrential rain!

      2. That might slow you down a bit. But great job anyway! I’ve decided I won’t be upset if I don’t beat my time as long as I do my best. There is always a chance that something is different (weather, hills, pain, etc.) that could slow me down so I am not going to hold it against myself.

      3. that is exactly the right way to look at it 🙂

        If you know you did the best you could for that course / day etc then that is the only thing that matters 😀

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