Why does it seem that every sport is out to get me?  I hate the Miami Heat and who wins the championship this year?  King Lebron and his big head.  I hate basketball (watching and cheering for a team, not playing it) but it is still on TV.  And I hate the Red Sox and who is leading in the World Series?  You guessed it; the team that I hate.  Why is it so hard to have one of the dozens of teams I DON’T hate in the championship games?  Next thing you know, either New England, Oakland or Dallas will win the Super Bowl this year!

Wednesday was Week 1/Day 2 of C25K with my wife.  We completed the same 3.1 miles that we do every time we are “practicing” for a 5K or just walking, but we did it a little faster.  Instead of 50 minutes that it took on Monday, we completed it in 49.  Friday may not be happening because we are actually doing a bona-fide 5K on Saturday and I don’t want either of us to be sore.  We’ll have to see what happens.

Speaking of 5K races, is it just me or are they addicting?  Someone warned me that they were.  Someone also warned me after my first tattoo that they were addicting, and now I have many.  Maybe I’m easily addicted, I don’t know.  But if they didn’t cost so much I would probably run a 5K 2-3 times per month.  I have one this weekend and then am participating in the Mustache Dache in November.  That is all that I have planned since I am not big on running in the snow, but I certainly can’t wait until next spring so I can start doing them again.

Addictions are a nasty thing…


Breakfast – Corndogs
Lunch – Taquitos
Dinner – Sloppy Joes
Dessert – Donuts and Wheat Things (not together)


An hour+ of walking at work

Week 1/Day 2 of C25K – 3.1 miles total

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