See, it’s even annoying here on the internet. It’s even worse when your neighbor has a dog that won’t shut up.  Granted it is only a little after 8 PM, and all I am doing is trying to watch a TV show that has lots of “quiet” parts between talking.  So it’s not like I’m trying to get to sleep.  But when you hear, “Jack, what is going on woof, woof… woof, woof, woof, I can’t tell you woof, woof!” it makes for a very irritating TV watching experience.  Anyway, on to the day.

As those reading this may have noticed, my food habits have changed.  I sort of wanted to test something out along with weighing only once per month.  I know that it’s important to eat a well balanced meal and you should have fruits and veggies and proteins and complex carbs, but I wanted to test the theory that a “calorie is a calorie” vs. eating all that not-quite-as-delicious stuff.  Corn dogs, taquitos, donuts, sloppy joes, all those things that you wouldn’t put in your health food cookbook.  I am interested to see if there is any change in how I feel, if I lose weight or anything else.  So far I still feel great, still pumpin’ iron and still running.  I don’t feel worse or sluggish or tired or worn out.  So it’s been interesting (and delicious) so far.  If things don’t work out, I’ll go back to eating healthier more often.  But for now, eating less of what I like is what I’m going for.

I do need to add more veggies to my diet.  Though sometimes they are in things that I don’t spell out such as corn in chicken and rice or whatever.  But I probably should make it more of a habit with each meal, or at least with dinner.

And what the hell is fruit anway?


Breakfast – Corn Dogs
Lunch – Chimichangas
Dinner – Taquitos
Dessert – Donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

5×6 Circuit Training

Sets 1-3 Sets 4-5
Bench Press – – 160 lbs 150 lbs
Dumbbell Shoulder Press – – 30 lbs/hand 30 lbs/hand
Dumbbell Pullovers – – 35 lbs 35 lbs
Dumbbell Lateral Raises – – 20 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
Flat Bench Flyes – – 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Dumbbell Front Raises – – 20 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
Dumbbell Bench Press – – 40 lbs/hand 35 lbs/hand
Close Grip Lat Pulldowns – – 110 lbs 100 lbs
Other Exercises
Crunches 40
Step Ups/Step Downs 40

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